5 Reasons to Quit Facebook

Okay, if you are here, you are probably looking for reasons to quit Facebook in 2018. Others even type “How to quit Facebook gracefully” while some choose to ask the question, “Should I quit Facebook?” Well, the fact that you are here means you have had enough of FB and it is to you a monster that needs slaying. I am writing this because I know what it feels like to be trapped by Facebook, and I know what happens when you quit it.

I haven’t exactly quit the social network fully but it has been long since I last logged in. Also, it had been ages of staying away before my last log in. I guess this is what searchers are looking for when they type ‘how to quit Facebook gracefully.’

Anyway, you have the feeling that you should leave Facebook so let me just reinforce it and turn it into a decision. I have a ‘Share on Facebook’ button. Yeah, ironic – but what better way to spread the message than through Facebook itself, Preacher? Here are 5 reasons to leave Facebook that you will definitely agree with.

1. It gives you a warped picture of the world

Facebook is 80 percent acting (don’t ask me where I got the percentage.) Everyone presents themselves in a way that portrays the best possible picture of their life. They want to be seen as successful smart, funny, unique, adventurous, etc., but that is usually far from who they really are.

What you find on Facebook are not personalities. They are personas that each user has built over time. Every post, every share, every comment, every reaction, and every picture, is meant to buttress that persona.

2. Facebook is a bottomless pit of depression

Reasons to quit Facebook


Very few people are able to just scan through their feed, look at other people’s pictures and not compare themselves with their friends. No matter how grounded you are, how sure you are of your own success whether now or in the future, it is really hard to not stack your life against what you see on FB.

I remember logging into Facebook one day and seeing people ‘doing things in and with their lives’. I know I have my own life and even though it has its big bloody problems, I am somehow certain my future will be great. I, therefore, find it hard to feel less about myself when I see other people ‘making it.’ But not that time.

I just found myself feeling rather low and directionless. I wondered where the feeling was coming from. After a while, I traced it all back to the time I logged into my Facebook and saw all the bright lives my ‘friends’ (my strangers) were living.

There really is something wrong with you if the success of those around you makes you feel inferior. But the problem with Facebook is that things are blown out of proportion.

Firstly, the poster chooses the very best parts of their lives. But when you think about yourself, you see both the negative and the positive. Besides, humans tend to be negative so all you see are the things that suck in your life. Stack that against what’s on Facebook and you see a loser in yourself.

The thing with seeing the success of your actual real-life friends is that you know their story. You know the stuff that’s wrong in their lives, you know the hard work they put in to get their success, you’ve seen all the failures they had to get back up from.

When you therefore see their success, it is easier to actually applaud them. If they are really close, you might even have had a hand in their achievement. That is not what you get with your high school classmate with whom you never speak but are still friends with on Facebook.

3. It is a source of anxiety

This is another big reason to quit Facebook. I eventually got to deal with it but I still face the problem in tiny pulses if I happen to log in and get active. It is the anxiety you get whenever you post something or make a comment.

Will they like it? Will they agree? What will these people (that a barely know) say? OMG, will they say anything at all? These are the questions that fill your mind everytime you make a post on Facebook.

Facebook makes you anxious for no profit at all. Did you just post a joke? Enjoy the anxiety. Did you just post a long write up? Well, can you hear the crickets? It’s so quiet around here- far from the thunderous applause you envisioned. Your day is ruined.

4. It is a time sink

Facebook is addictive. A former executive says they designed it to be hooking. Every time you log in, you get a dopamine rush whenever you see that red notification. You get a dopamine rush whenever you see ‘so and so liked your picture’. You feel validated and isn’t that just such a great feeling.

The brain actually needs this dopamine reward but you are supposed to get it when you achieve something and not through shortcuts like Facebook.

Once the brain sees that it does not need to study hard or work out in order to get the dopamine, you get hooked on whatever shortcut. Your neuron network actually physically changes just like it does when you get addicted to a drug. This is why quitting Facebook can be hard.

Every tiny comment you make becomes a reason to check your page in case someone has responded. That is a sticky trap. The time you waste can be used for something worthwhile such as building some passive income on YouTube

5. You are giving away too much personal data to Facebook

“If you’re not paying for it, you are the product“. This is exactly the case with Facebook. Your personal information is collected and used to serve you laser targeted ads. All those movies you post, the places you check into, the posts you like? Well, FB is tracking everything. They have a profile on you that describes your likes and preferences and they will use that for business.

Facebook has actually found itself in hot soup because of the way they handle personal data. In one case, the organisation came under fire for having manipulated the emotions of its users. They showed them a string of either sad or happy posts to see how their moods would change. it was a study.

This is now an insidious monster that has permeated every sphere of our lives. Facebook is not just the social network itself. It is Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

One Whatsapp executive actually left the company because he says he did not like the way they were handling user data. In the article, Jan Koum revealed that Facebook wanted to get into WhatsApp private messages to extract information that they would then sell to businesses.

At the end of the day, Facebook is just a tool that can be used for good or bad. However, if you find that it’s not serving you, these are some of the reasons to quit FB.

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