Who is Pastor Michael Heard? The Gay Pastor of The Good Life Church, Colombus

Pastor Michael Heard is the overseer of The Good Life Church in Cincinnati and Colombus, Ohio. He is a gay pastor who is married to a man he calls First Gentleman Leigh.

Pastor Michael Heard Offers an Inclusive Church

According to a blog post introducing The Good Life Church and its pastor, Pastor Michael Heard aims at welcoming everyone no matter the race, age, orientation, political affiliation, or creed.

The post says:

“This is a ministry where ALL are welcome, embraced and affirmed regardless of race, gender, background, creed, orientation, religious roots or social status.”

Although Heard did not emphasize the word orientation, that is his selling point. Normally, churches will welcome all races, social statuses, etc. Allowing all sexual orientations is the one thing that makes Heard’s church different.

Michael’s church allows lesbians, gays, transgenders, non-binaries, and other people that normally would need to ‘repent’ before being accepted into the church.

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Welcomed by some

A number of people have welcomed Pastor Michael heard’s Good Life Colombus church. Most people believe Christianity needs to ‘change with the times’. As the world slowly but surely moves towards embracing homosexuality, they feel it is time for Christany to open its doors.

Pastor Michael Heard himself says his ministry is progressive. He writes:

“The GOODLIFE Church of Columbus is a new Progressive Kingdom Ministry in Columbus, OH. We are a cutting-edge NON-TRADITIONAL Prophetic Teaching Ministry designed to spread and exemplify the unconditional LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.”

Hated by many

Michael Heard’s church has been opposed by many traditional Christians. Many have found the ideas of a gay pastor with a partner he calls Firth Gentleman Leigh repulsive.

On one website, comments ranged from the usual “end of the world” to “We’ll see how this will go.”

But Pastor Michael W Heard is not the first

Pastor Heard is not the first to open an all-inclusive church. Don E. Paulk, son of controversial Bishop Earl Paulk, opened a church that welcomed everyone. No, really, everyone: Gays, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Wiccans, everyone.

You do not have to change, neither does the church encourage you to. They just want you to be… whatever you are.

What Are Your Thoughts? Is Pastor Michael Heard Right?

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