The Kecksburg UFO Incident: 10 Things to Know

The Kecksburg UFO incident was a reported brilliant fireball that flew across the sky and was seen by tens of thousands of people in different states of the USA and Canada.

Here are 10 things to know

1. The fireball dropped metal debris as it flew by

As the Kecksburg UFO object sped over Michigan and northern Ohio, it dropped hot metal debris that led to a few small grass fires in different places. There were no injuries or property damage reported.

2. The media first said it was a meteor

When the Kecksburg UFO incident occurred, the media thought and reported it as a meteor. At first, people thought it was a small plane, a missile, or a satellite that had malfunctioned and fallen back to earth.

3. Eyewitnesses in Kecksburg said they saw an object crash

The meteor idea was refuted by residents of Kecksburg who said they saw an object fall in the woods, not as a meteor would.

4. A boy actually saw the UFO land

A boy narrated how he saw the object land and his mother reported to officials when she saw blue smoke rising from the woods. Other people supported the reports, saying they felt vibrations and then a loud thump at the time the UFO was said to have landed.

5. The Kecksburg object was in the shape of an acorn

Several Kecksburg residents said they actually saw the UFO, saying it looked like a large acorn (oak seed). They said it had Egyptian writings around the base and was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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6. There was a heavy military presence in the village

The area was roped off by state police and the military. The most personnel came from the US Army. They removed everyone from the area and proceeded to search the region.

7. The military said the found nothing

After the search, officials said they could not find anything in the area and this baffled residents of the village. They had found the spot where the object had fallen and invited scientists to conduct research around the area.

8. Witnesses say they saw the army drive an object away on a flatbed truck

The idea that the army found nothing has been challenged by witnesses who say they saw the army drive an object from the area on a flatbed truck. The army has not officially commented on this claim.

9. The final report mentions a mid-sized meteor

Army officials reported their final conclusion on the Kecksburg UFO incident, saying it was a mid-sized meteor. They, however, did not explain why they could not find any debris since people said they saw an object crash.

10. A model was created for the Unsolved Mysteries TV show

You can see a model of the UFO as created by the crew of the Unsolved Mysteries TV show. It was installed near the Kecksburg fire station for all to see. It is in the shape of an acorn and bears hieroglyphic writings around the base.

Was the government hiding something?

UFO enthusiasts claim the government covers up all UFO evidence and the Kecksburg UFO incident is one of them. People have questioned why the authorities say they could not find anything even when people clearly saw an object land – or crash-land- in the forest.

Further suspicion is raised by the reports of the army being seen transporting an object the size of a Beetle Volkswagen from the area on a flatbed truck.

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