Large UFO Captured in the Clouds in the Philippines

A New UFO sighting in the Philippines has got the UFO hunter community talking. Early August 2018, a large object was spotted hovering in the clouds in the Philippines.

Renowned UFO hunter, Scott C Waring, said on his blog that the object can be attributed to an alien spaceship trying to camouflage itself in the clouds.

In the photo, faint clouds can be seen illuminated by a rainbow-colored light around them.

People in the conspiracy community have concluded that the photo shows a large circular object which is translucent in nature. This, to them, shows a UFO using some of form of cloaking technology.

The UFO had a glitch in its disguising system

Scott Waring said the image shows a UFO whose cloaking device failed and was for a while visible. He said: “This awesome UFO was hiding above a cloud during sunset and for a few minutes the cloaked craft was visible to the naked eye.

“Such beautiful colors and notice the round disk edge of the craft. This looks to be at least 500 meters across.”

Why a low-quality photo?

The photo was taken by an anonymous person in the Philippines. It does not have the best quality and this, to the skeptics, is reason to doubt the image. The photo taker said:  “Unfortunately, I had only one phone at hand, the ‘good’ HD Camera is currently defective. The colors were actually much more intense.”

Source: Express

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