The Troubled Life of Cheyenne Brando, Marlon Brando’s Daughter

Cheyenne Brando, daughter of Marlon Brando, the iconic star of the Godfather movie, had a tragic life. Although she was the child of one of Holywood’s most successful actors, her life was packed woes that many people will never go through.

Cheyenne Brando ultimately committed suicide at the young age of 25

Name: Cheyenne Brando
Date of Birth: 20 February 1970 Tahiti, France
Known For: Modelling, Daughter of Marlon Brando, The Godfather (1972) actor
Status: Deceased – Committed suicide by hanging on 16 April 1995 (aged 25)


Here are 5 things about the troubled life of Cheyenne Brando.

1. She was neglected by her father, Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando would not allow Cheyenne Brando to live with him in the USA. She remained in Tahiti, France with her brother Tehotu. In fact, Marlon would not even let them visit, saying their Tahitian nature made them too trusting to survive in the USA.

Although Marlon may seem to have had only good intentions behind this decision, it soon became apparent to Cheyenne that her father did not just pay attention to her. She lamented his absence in her younger years and said he would only come to Tahiti once a year and even then, he did not care whether he saw her or not. According to Cheyenne, Marlon just did not want her and her brother.

2. She had a tragic accident

Cheyenne was not of the big screen variety like her father. However, she still attracted attention through her modeling career which, considering that she was the daughter of a big shot Holywood start, may have made her famous.

In 1989, while driving furiously over her father’s refusal to allow her to visit him during the filming of The Freshman in Toronto, Cheyenne crashed her Jeep. The horrific accident left her good looks marred for life and even though Marlon paid for her to go under the knife to patch her up, her modeling career was effectively over.

3. Cheyenne Brando said her husband physically abused her

Cheyenne’s troubles followed her even into her marriage. She married Dag Drollet who she said abused her. The two met during a get together of the Brandos and Drollets and their romance burned on from 1986.

The couple moved to the USA and lived in Marlon’s home when Cheyenne got pregnant. However, she revealed to her brother that Drollet was physically abusing her. Her story was so compelling that Tehotu Brando decided to take action, a decision he would later regret.

4. Her brother killed her husband

Upon hearing the horrific tales of Drollet’s abuse on his sister, Tehotu decided to confront Drollet with a gun. During a physical struggle, Tehotu shot his brother-in-law to death but claimed the gun went off accidentally.

Cheyenne was the only witness to the murder. However, she was declared mentally disabled owing to drug and alcohol abuse. She was in such a sorry mental state that Tehotu doubted her claims of physical abuse.

Because the only witness was declared invalid, the state had no choice but to negotiate a deal with the accused. He would plead guilty to manslaughter and get 10 years, serving only 5 in total.

5. She committed Suicide by hanging

The last days of Cheyenne were characterized by narcotics. She was frequently hospitalized in a psychiatric institution for drug abuse and twice attempted suicide.

Troubled by her lost modeling career, her disfigured face, her father’s neglect and the loss of her partner, Cheyenne finally committed suicide by hanging in 1989. She was 25 years of age.

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