The Troubled Life of Grade A Under A – Depression and Career Uncertainties

Grade A Under A, which is short for Grade A Under Achiever, is a popular but lately inactive YouTube with about 3.5 million subscribers. Those numbers are by no means an underachievement and anyone would wish they were in his shoes. But that is until they know about his life.

Here are some things that make up the troubled side of Grade A Under A

1. He was fired from his job

Grade A Under A, who is often called Grade by his fans, studied mathematics for four years. He was a teacher but was fired from his job for undisclosed reasons. He did not specify whether that happened after his channel had taken off or before. As at now, he makes enough money from his channel to not need a job.

2. He has serious family issues

After a long period of absence, Grade A Under A revealed that part of the reasons he was away is that he had serious family issues he had to sort out. In his own words, it appears he had two separate issues that were so serious that he had to stay away from YouTube.

3. He has some undisclosed but serious health problems

Grade revealed that he was dealing with what he called ‘health shit’. He did not say what his problem was exactly but it was serious enough for him to stay away from making videos. At this point, it could be anything from mental health issues to physical conditions.

4. A section of YouTube seriously hate him for attacking others

Although Grade A Under A is much loved, he still has a section that hates him strongly. The haters are mainly from fans of channels Grade has attacked such as reaction channels and specific people he has accused of leveraging fake drama for views and subs. In a Reddit thread, Redditors discussed why there were so many videos of the ‘Grade A Under A Exposed’ variety. Most pointed to the fact that he attacked his fellow YouTubers far too much.

5. He has depression

The main reason Grade has been away is that he has been battling serious depression. It all stemmed from his health and family issues. Although he has tried to make a come back a few times, it appears the problem has persisted to the point that some people frequently Google whether “Grade A Under A is dead.” But seeing how he has popped up after a long hiatus, it is safe to say he is alive and kicking… okay maybe not kicking because you can’t kick if you are depressed. But he will be back, hopefully.


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