The Troubled Life of Halle Berry – Diabetes, Divorce, Custody Battle

Halle Berry was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2003 and that’s apart from winning different beauty pageants when she was younger. She is indeed beautiful but her life is far uglier than her face might indicate. Hers has been a life of divorces, domestic abuse, and custody battles.

Name: Halle Berry

Date of Birth: August 14, 1966, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Known For: Acting

Here are some things that make up the troubled side of Halle Berry’s life.

1. Her parents divorced

The very first trauma life dealt Halle Berry was when she was only 4. Her father and mother divorced after years of physical abuse by her father against her mother. Halle said her dad would beat her mother brutally with a wine bottle in the head and was also kicked down the stairs of their home.

Halle Berry was raised by her mother and she says she has never seen her father from the time of the divorce. “Maybe he’s not alive, she said.”

2. She has diabetes

In 1989, Halle moved to New York to pursue her acting dreams. She, however, ran out of money before she made any, and was homeless for a while. The sun would shine on her by the end of the year when she was cast in the series Who’s the Boss?

While filming Living Dolls, another of Halle Berry’s early appearances, she collapsed and fell into a coma and was later diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

3. Halle Berry has lived through some vicious divorces

In 1993, November, Halle Berry was the target of a lawsuit by Chicago dentist John Ronan. Having dated her from March 1989 to October 1991, Ronan claimed Halle owed him $80K as money he lent her to help launch her career. However, the actress claimed the money was a gift and the court sided with her.

1.  Baseball player David Justice – 1996 separation, 1997 divorce

In February 1992, Halle Berry saw David justice during an MTV celebrity game in February 1992. A reporter from Cincinnati told Berry that Justice was a fan and she gave her her number to give to Justice. They married just after midnight on the 1st of January 1993.

In February 1996, however, Halle Berry separated from David Justice and by June 1997, they were divorced. The divorce did such a number of Halle that she was left depressed and suicidal.

2. Eric Benét – Married January 24, 2001, separated October 2003, divorced January 3, 2005


After courting for two years, Halle Berry and Eric Benét would marry on January 24, 2001. The actress and the singer-songwriter would sadly separate and finally divorce in October 2003.

3. Gabriel Aubry – separated in 2010

Halle Berry and French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry started dating in 2005 and in 2008, the two had a daughter. They would, however, separate in 2010, April 30 and a terrible custody battle would follow.

4. Olivier Martinez- Married July 2013, divorced October 2013

In March 2012, Halle Berry got engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez. They would wed in July 2013 and have a son together in October 2013. After just 2 years, however, they started their divorce process and finalized everything in December 2016.

4. Halle Berry has suffered serious domestic abuse

In 1991, Halle Berry was dating a boyfriend who she says is well known in Hollywood. She says the man was physically abusive and at one point beat her so bad that he punctured her eardrum. The injury caused her to lose 80 percent of her hearing. Berry also suffered some violence at the hands of Gabriel Aubry, her 3rd husband.

5. Brutal custody battle

After separating from Gabriel Aubry, a horrible custody battle for their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry ensued. All hell broke loose when Berry tried to take Nahla from the US to France to be with her new man, French actor Olivier Martinez. Apart from the courts, the battle at one point got physical when Aubry attacked both Berry and Martinez, resulting in the two getting treatment at the hospital for injuries. In defense, Aubry said Martinez threatened to kill him if he did not allow Berry to go to France with her child.

Martinez has stated that he will not go to war with Berry over custody of their son.

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