What Really Happened to Kay McCoy, The Missing Jasper Texas Woman?

Kay McCoy, a 57-year-old woman, went missing and in Jasper, Texas. She was last seen in May 2012 by her daughters and son-in-law. McCoy, who lives in a mobile home, was described as a doomsday prepper.

What really happened to Kay McCoy? Here is what we know so far

McCoy was displeased with her living conditions. She particularly disliked the fact that she had been taking care of her mentally challenged daughter for so long and talked about leaving the patient with her other daughter.

McCoy was in the habit of disappearing for months only to show up again. So when she went missing, her family did not think anything of it and did not alert the police. It was only when the Department of Family and Protective Services alerted police about her no-show that her absence became an issue.

An additional wake-up call came from McCoy’s bank. There had been no activity on her account for some months even though she was receiving welfare checks every month. Neither her family nor the police took the case seriously. After a year, however, the authorities decided to launch a formal investigation.

They searched the property with dogs to see if they could find a body but nothing turned up. Police had to break into her mobile home which locked to search through her belongings. They said it was a lot of work as Kay McCoy was a doomsday prepper with a lot of things in there.

Where is Kay?

There are two possibilities here. Considering the hatred that the daughters displayed for her, it is possible that there might have been some foul play on their part. However, since it has been said that Kay was unhappy with her life and talked of leaving many times, it is also possible that she just decided to go away.

However, there is a problem with the last possibility: Why has her bank account been untouched? With that said, it seems authorities should not be looking for Kay McCoy. They should be looking for her body.

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