All Crocodile and Alligator Dream Meanings

Dreaming about a crocodile or alligator should not immediately concern you. You have to understand that dreams are for the most part symbolic and therefore, the reptile, although fearsome in the natural world, may not always have a negative meaning as a subconscious or spiritual symbol that manifests in your dreams.

Find out what it means when you see a crocodile chasing you, attacking your loved ones, seeing a baby crocodile, and other symbolic dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about killing a crocodile or alligator?

A crocodile in the dream may indicate enmity. Since you are killing it, it means there is a subconscious battle that you have just won. You have to understand that most of our internal issues are resolved while we sleep.

Killing a croc in the dream might also mean there is a physical challenge coming ahead of you that you will ultimately overcome. You may not know it, but your subconscious mind, having tapped into the ocean of universal consciousness, has seen it coming and you have been subconsciously wired to meet the challenge.

What to do: Brace yourself for a challenge but approach it with confidence knowing you will overcome.

Dreaming about a baby crocodile

Spiritually, crocodiles, and alligators may symbolize resilience and a fighting spirit. This reptile can survive harsh conditions, and it is also known for its healing abilities that medicine men across the globe and throughout history have used.

If you dream about a baby crocodile, it may mean that there is a challenge ahead of you that needs resilience, but that particular quality in you is in its infancy and you have to cultivate it.

What to do: Prepare your mind with affirmations of strength and resilience. Tell yourself you are strong, mighty, resilient, you can face all the problems life will throw you, for they are ultimately here to make you strong.

Were you scared of it?

The meaning of a dream about a baby crocodile also depends on how you interact with it. If you are scared of it, it may mean that there is a looming threat that you need to nip in the bud before it grows into a large ‘croc’ that you won’t be able to handle.

The problem could be in your relationships, your education, or your career. Are you neglecting your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Are you neglecting your schoolwork or your duties at your job? This dream means you have to change before turmoil arises in these departments of your life.

What to do: Look at your life. Is there anything bothering you that you have been overlooking? Is there something wrong in your life that you have been seeing as a mere pebble in your shoe? Deal with it while it is a baby crocodile before it grows.

Crocodile chasing you in the dream meaning

If you see a crocodile chasing you in your dream, it might mean trouble. You have some enmity you have to deal with either now or in the near future. One thing to note is that this hostility will come in disguise and you may not be able to spot it from a distance.

Once it confronts you, however, it will be a drawn battle that will last some time hence the ‘chase’. I said enmity and not ‘enemy’. That means it might be a person or any kind of problem that may disrupt your life.

You should also pay attention to the chase itself. Did the crocodile or alligator catch you before you snapped out of your dream? That could be a dangerous sign and the threat might be just at your doorstep.

If, on the other hand, you managed to escape by a good margin, maybe you flew away, that is a great sign. It means all you have to do is open your eyes and the steps you need to take to overcome your problem will be easy to both figure out and implement.

What to do: Prepare yourself for a long battle either with someone or some kind of long-term problem. It helps to read up on people that overcame great adversities to encourage yourself and prepare your mind for victory.

Dreams about a crocodile eating someone you love

A crocodile eating someone you know and love is not a good thing. You see, crocodiles are stealthy animals. They never hunt their prey as lions do. Although a lion may ambush its prey, it still will have to chase it down for a distance in most cases.

A crocodile, on the other hand, sits quietly in the water and launches a sudden attack. Dreaming about a crocodile eating someone you love may, therefore, mean there is some hidden calamity that will befall the person out of the blue.

Please note that this does not necessarily mean they will die. It might mean something in their life is about to be killed off. It could be their career, their business, their relationship, or their academic life.

What to do: What’s important to note is that since you are the one seeing this in your dream, you have a role to play in making sure this disaster does not come near their court. You don’t have to tell them about your dream and what it might mean unless you are sure they won’t think you’ve gone coocoo.

Dreams about eating crocodile meat

Sometimes, we do things in dreams that we would not normally do in real life. So while you may find the idea of eating crocodile repulsive (although many cultures do eat it), you may find yourself eating croc meat in the dream.

Spiritually, crocodiles symbolize resilience, independence, ability to defend yourself, great health, and long life. But because crocodiles are stealthy hunters, they also symbolize insincerity, backstabbing, and heartlessness.

The question is, was it enjoyable or were you somehow eating it against your will?

Eating crocodile meat in the dream and enjoying it means you are evolving and taking on the symbolic good qualities of the crocodile. That means you will be more resilient for the trouble coming in your life.

It also means there might be some illness ahead that, although will be manifest in your life, you should not worry about as you will be able to go through it with the immunity of a crocodile.

Spiritually, crocodiles also mean long life. But it is not just long life in terms of your number of years on earth. It might mean the things you put your hands to will not only succeed but will remain alive for a long time. Your relationships will last, your business will thrive, and your academic pursuits will be successful and far-reaching.

What to do: Be confident in your endeavors. Do not sit back knowing victory is certain, instead, give everything your all, with enthusiasm knowing that you will win.

But, if you eat crocodile meat in the dream and do not like it, it means you might be taking on some of the toxic qualities of the crocodile. There might be an event coming in your life where you will most likely backstab someone, be insincere, or dishonest.

What to do: This is a warning. Although you might be tempted to lie and be dishonest, it will ultimately work against you. Suffer the momentary pain of truth, honesty, and sincerity for long-term glory

Dreaming about a crocodile as a pet

Keeping a crocodile or alligator as a pet is dangerous. Although you might live with it from the time it is little, it still will never be fully domesticated and may attack you any time. Dreaming about having a pet crocodile, therefore, means there is some danger in your life that you are tolerating but that will ultimately harm you.

It may be a habit that you are playing with and raising, feeding it and enjoying its company. Perhaps it is drugs, perhaps it is cheating in your relationship or some dishonesty in your job or business. Soon, the bad habit will grow to turn on you.

This might also be a time to look into your personality. Has there been a weakness you know about but aren’t working on? Are you lazy in your academic life or career? If you keep it up, your slothful habit may soon grow roots and work against you in a significant way.

In a nutshell, dreaming about having a crocodile or alligator as a pet means there is some harm coming to you but it is you that will bring it in your life, feed it until it grows enough to harm you, and finally pull you down.

A pet crocodile may also mean you have a friendship that will soon go sour. It will not only go sour, but it is going to change your life significantly. It does not always mean you have a good friend that will turn bad and could simply mean there are some bad friendships that you need to get rid of. Although you enjoy these people’s company, associating with them may be harmful to your relationships, education, or business.

What to do: You are in control. Do what you have to while you can. Nip any bad habit in the bud before it attacks you.

Dreams about a crocodile in the water you are swimming in

This is a combination of two symbols: water and a crocodile.

Spiritually, water symbolizes life. Dreaming of a crocodile in water with you might mean the life of something of yours is at stake. It could be your job, your relationships, or your education. Is there a significant project in your life that you have going on? Stay vigilant. It might be about to die.

What to do: Take more time to nature the things that matter to you to make sure there is life in them.

Water also symbolizes people, specifically multitudes of people. Swimming with a crocodile in the ocean and not being scared means you have the cunning ability to manipulate large swathes of people. Whether for good or bad will be up to you.

It means you might have a position in public office waiting for you. It may not be in politics, but it will definitely be a position that will allow you to deal with a lot of people. What you do will affect ‘multitudes’.

In the same vein, it could also mean you will be a star – a sports person or a musician that will attract large crowds. Being such a big person needs resilience, tenacity, and a strong will.

Your dream is at your doorstep, but you will need to be resilient and tough. You will need to have an iron will. The fact that your subconscious mind is giving your conscious mind this message means you are well able to develop these great characteristics of a crocodile.

What to do: The door is open, but you will have to take action as nothing is set in stone or written in the stars. Since you will be dealing with a lot of people, make sure you are upstanding to use your popularity for good.

Dreaming about swimming with crocodiles may also symbolize issues with your emotions. It means you are not sincere with how you feel. Is there someone you deeply do not like but are pretending to be on their side? Are you hiding something significant from someone in your life?

You will need to do away with the insincerity of the crocodile and let your emotions flow. Harboring negative emotions is bad for both you and the target of your feelings. Is there someone in your circles that you are terribly jealous of?

What to do: Work through your jealousy by understanding that you are a great being capable of so much. The fact that your friend has something great going for them should encourage you and not make you feel low. It should tell you that if it can happen to them, it can happen to you, too.

Dreams about many crocodiles at your house or chasing you on land or in the water

Dreaming about many crocodiles chasing you means you have lots of insincere people around you. These are not only insincere but they may also try to harm you because of something good coming your way. But please note that this does not necessarily mean your friends are bad.

What to do: You just need to keep an eye out because the bad ones could be among your friends, your family, or colleagues.

Dreaming about a dead crocodile or alligator 

Dreaming about a dead crocodile means there will be a significant change in your life concerning your relationships. Someone who has been secretly your enemy will either ‘go away’ or have a major change of heart that will make them your true friend.

A dead crocodile may also mean there is something you have been insincere about but you will now have the strength to come clean. Whatever mental barriers you had, whatever was making you maintain your lie will soon die away and you feel strong enough to be honest towards the one you love.

What to do: Be open, transparent, and honest even if it is not expedient. In the long run, people around you will pick up on your integrity and all sorts of doors may open for you.

Is it bad or good to dream about crocodiles?

As you have seen, it is neither good nor bad to dream about crocodiles inherently, even though you were scared of it. Being scared of a crocodile in your dreams mainly spells danger, but it could also mean you need to develop the good qualities of the reptile such as resilience and tenacity but you do not want to. It all depends on the dream context, which we have just gone through in this article.