The Meaning of Drinking Alcohol in the Dream

A dream about drinking alcohol needs to be taken seriously, especially if it bothers you. The fact that you are searching for this article means you probably had a dream in which you were drinking beer, whiskey, vodka, brandy, wine, rum, or some other alcoholic beverages and are looking for a spiritual interpretation.

Alcohol is a two-faced coin. It can be used for good or it can ruin you. That is why you want to pay attention to all the details in the dreams in which you are drinking beer.

Here are all the meanings of the different dreams related to drinking alcohol.

Drinking beer with friends

Drinking beer with friends implies shared happiness and joy. It is a sign that something will soon happen that will make your friendship stronger. It means something uplifting will happen to someone among your friends. Perhaps they will make a breakthrough in their business that will call for celebration. Whatever it may be, it will be significant, and it will work to the good of your entire group of friends.

Think back on your dream. Can you remember who was buying or at whose place you were drinking from? The host of your drinking party is the one for whom something great will happen, and this will also make your life better. Perhaps he will break new grounds in business and in the process open doors for you.

What to do: Do not feel jealous about any good thing that happens to anyone among your friends. Instead, encourage them and help in whatever way you can. Their breakthrough will be your breakthrough, too.

Drinking too much beer in the dream

Drinking too much beer is never a good thing, whether in reality or in the dream. If you find yourself overly drunk in the dream, it is a sign that there is a habit you have that will soon lead to confusion in your life.

Just like alcohol, this may be a habit that feels great and brings you momentary pleasure. However, if you continue, it will bring chaos in your life and knock you off balance just as alcohol does.

You have to understand, this is a question of excesses. Therefore, do not look for the habits in your life when trying to figure out this dream. Instead, consider some of your harmless habits. It is one among these that you will take too far until it becomes a huge problem in your life

What to do: Watch your habits, especially those that are not necessarily bad when done in moderation. If you are watching too many movies, playing too many video games or spending time on the internet, gauge you indulgence before you bring confusion upon your life.


Drinking vodka in the dream

Vodka is the strongest type of alcoholic beverage. having an alcohol content of 88 percent. When taken alone, you cannot handle it and it is actually easy to die from alcohol poisoning with vodka. A dream in which you are drinking vodka, therefore, spiritually means you are about to bite more than you can chew.

This means there is something you are about to do that seems wonderful but will soon go sour and leave you barely standing. There could be a move you are about to make in business which might seem great at first. However, once you go ahead carelessly, it will soon be the worst thing you have ever done.

If you are thinking of leaving your significant other for someone else, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. It may seem great at first but just like Vodka, it will prove to be too much for your body, mind, and soul to handle.

What to do: Watch the decisions you make in the weeks following the day you dream about drinking vodka. Are you about to make a business decision? Take your time and do your due diligence. Do your homework if you are thinking of making a major change in your relationship. Whether you are trying to dump your current SO or maybe trying to start a brand new relationship, Just take your time before you find your self in confusion.

Drinking whiskey in the dream

Whiskey is about 40 percent alcohol per volume which is quite strong. It may have the same spiritual meaning as drinking vodka in the dream. But, while a dream in which you drink vodka almost certainly means you are about to make a decision that will leave your life off-balance, whiskey has a more friendly meaning.

It means you are about to make a risky move. It has a big potential to ruin your life but if you take it slow, it might just lead to your happiness.

What to do: You are about to go into something risky that has both potential to ruin you, and potential to bring you happiness and joy. There are really no guarantees but you will increase your chances of a wonderful outcome the more time you take. Do nothing hastily in the coming weeks.


Drinking wine

Drinking wine in the dream is almost always a good thing. It is a sign that you are about to enter a period of relaxation, a sign that you will soon come out of a battle victorious.

However, it does not mean your life is about to be great overall. It mostly means there is a significant department of your life that will go through what you may call ‘the hay days. This is almost settled and nothing anyone can do can jeopardize it. Your subconscious has already seen the victory by intuition and will itself help you make the right decision.

What to do: Relax, your victory is assured in your most significant battle right now. Just trust your heart as to what decisions to make. It knows where you should do next.

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Drinking Gin in the dream meaning

Gin is for the most part made of Juniper berries, a kind of fruit that has a very bitter taste to it. Actually, a good number of Juniper species are toxic and only one is widely used as a food flavoring.

Drinking gin in the dream, especially if it seems significant that the alcohol you are drinking is and has to be gin, may have a good meaning. It means you will soon be able to turn something as bitter as juniper berries into something that will bring happiness and joy in your life.

However, watch out. Jin can bring smiles on your face but if you take it too far, it may wreak havoc on your cognitive ability. In the same vein, be careful with the bad things you transmute into good things your life, they may just revert back into bad and be even worse than they first were.

What to do: Take heart, knowing a thorn in the flesh will soon lead you to great things.


Spilling beer in the dream

Spilling beer in the dream has a negative meaning. It means you are about to ruin the source of your happiness in your life. It could be your friendships, your relationships, your business, or your job.

It is important to note that the damage will be done by you and not someone else, and it is also important to note that you will do this with good intentions but it will backfire. In other words, it will be as accidental as spilling the beer.

What to do: Do not take uncalculated risks in the coming weeks. Yes, there will always be risks involved but make sure you at least make these ‘calculated risks.

Drinking then throwing up in the dream

Drinking then throwing up in the dream means you are about to go into a phase in your life in which you will need to be absolutely mentally sharp. There is a decision you will soon need to make that requires your mental faculties to be at their very best. You cannot afford to let anything cloud your judgment.

Please note that just because you threw up after drinking beer in the dream does not mean you will have to stay away from the alcohol itself in the coming weeks. It simply means you will need to keep your mental faculties sharp. That means your judgment should not be clouded by hatred, jealousy, greed, or fear. The coming period should be a time of rationality.

What to do: Keep your emotions in check. You subconscious mind just told you that you need to operate from the logical brain in the coming weeks. You have to be absolutely free of mental clutter.


Dreaming of drinking alcohol after quitting

You first have to ask yourself how much time passed between your quitting and the dream. If you dream you are drinking just weeks after quitting, there is probably nothing to it. Drinking is still normal to your inner man and has not yet been purged from the hard drive of your subconscious mind.

On the other hand, if it has been so long since you quit that you do not even think about beer in your day to day life, the dream could be symbolic. It does not necessarily mean you will go back to drinking but that there will be a setback in your life.

The setback could be in your education, your business, your relationships, or whatever project you may have running in your life. It means a part of your life will go through some serious setbacks.

What to do: Keep your eyes and mind open. The setback does not necessarily spell doom and gloom. Although you will be taken back, it could be just so that you can take a different fork in the path that will lead to even better things.

Dreaming you are drunk at work

It depends on how drunk you were in your dream. If you were as drunk as to cause a nuisance, that might spell trouble. It means you may be about to make a serious blunder that may result in disciplinary action.

You will know that what you are doing is wrong, but like a drunk person, you will still go ahead, overcome by the animalistic part of the human psyche. It could be something born of greed, cowardice, lust, or envy. Whatever it is, it will work against you.

The same applies to you dreaming about drinking beer in class, whether high school or your college lecture.

What to do: Just watch your impulses in the coming weeks. Try to do everything consciously and not be lead by your subconscious programming.


But if you dream of drinking beer appropriately at work, maybe in a party setting, it means there is some good news coming, something that will be a reason for celebration. It could be that you will be promoted or at least transferred to a new department or location and this new development will be something worth celebrating in your life.

Dreaming of ordering a beer at the bar

The significance of a dream lies in the things that stand out to you. If you dream about ordering a beer at a bar, and the ordering part sticks out to you, it means you have to make a move for your own happiness. You will have to reach out for it.

It implies that you are responsible for your own happiness but you have not been acting as such. There is a sadness in your life that can only be cleared by your own hand.

What to do: Realise that no one owes you anything when it comes to your happiness. If you have to kick some people out of your life, do it. If you have to start a new project, do it, but you are the bottom line.

Dreaming of someone stealing or snatching your beer before you drink it.

This dream means there is someone stealing your joy or happiness. Who did it in the dream? Is it a friend, family, or a stranger? If it is someone you know, do not automatically take it that the person that appeared in the dream is the one hampering your joy. It simply means it is someone you know, someone close to you.

But you should also be aware that the person stealing your happiness may not be aware of it. They may actually be thinking they are helping you but their actions are actually detrimental to you. Perhaps their help is leading to a delay in your growth and personal development.

What to do: Watch the actions of those around you. If there is someone who seems parasitic to you, get rid of them. You may also have to rely less on people’s help for everything and learn to be self-reliant.


Dreaming of drinking beer you have stolen

It means you should make sure you get rid of the parasitic aspect of your psyche. Everyone has a parasitic aspect to them, and those we may consider parasites just overdo it. The fact that you are dreaming about drinking beer that is not yours spiritually means you rely on others for your joy and happiness too much.

You need to cultivate a spirit of self-reliance and not depend on others for your happiness, Although interdependence is important, you first need to be able to rely on yourself, to be a whole person.

What to do: Are you happy at the expense of someone? Is someone making too much of a sacrifice just to keep you happy? Take a look at your life.

Dreams about empty beer cans

A dream about an empty beer can or bottle means you have an unfulfilled longing, something which, when successfully pursued, will bring you joy and happiness. You may not consciously be aware of this emptiness. But once you get rid of it, you will realize what you may have been missing.

This usually means you have lost some aspect of yourself. Did you at first feel a strong urge to pursue music but you let that longing die? Did you earlier consider starting a business but you later let the urge die? Or was there a person you loved but just let things go for some reason?

What to do: Work on these dead dreams. They may be just what lead you to a place of happiness.


Dreams about being attacked while you drink beer

Dreams about being attacked while you drink beer mean there is someone jealous of your happiness. It means this jealousy has, or will soon get to a point where its negativity will affect you. This could be energetically or perhaps this jealous person will take action physically to steal your happiness.

The dream means there is some breakthrough coming, something that will call for a celebration. However, someone will not be happy, and this is someone you know. Your happiness will result in enmity between you and this person.

What to do: Watch those around you. Get rid of whoever shows signs of jealousy to a point that suggests they may be willing to do something to kill your success.

Did you have a dream about drinking alcohol that you feel needs a spiritual interpretation? Leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “The Meaning of Drinking Alcohol in the Dream”

  1. I do not drink alcohol. But i had a dream drinking with someone i could not remember who it was. As we were drinking, someone came and wanted to take our beer. We ran away from him. He kept on chasing us especially he was after me not the other one. I thought of throwing away the bottle of beer so that he would not take it.

  2. Hi Ncamsile,

    Thank you for reaching out to me.

    The alcohol dream you had meant that there is something that will happen to you that will make them jealous of you. They will think they are the one who should have it. It could be that they think they are the one who should be with your significant other, or maybe a promotion or job position, or even a business rival who thinks you are taking his or her clientele.

    Whatever this might be, it will be something that brings you happiness and someone will be angry that you have it. All you have to do is be vigilant and look at those around you to see who might be upset about your success.

  3. In the the dream we were at work with some colleague, and I said, ” I think I need something to refresh”, and I hadn’t seen that on her hands were two cans: one beer and one coke. She said, “come with me.” And I followed her to our Canteen, where she took half of the beer and added it to her coke, and then gave me the remaining half beer in its can.

    Suddenly her superior came in. While I tried to hide the can of beer(since alcohol is strictly prohibited in workplaces), I discovered that she(the superior), too, was carrying the very same beer. Then I relaxed. While I was at that ease, other people who included seniors came in and I tried to hide the can again, and then I left the Canteen area to use it in an adjacent kitchen. I wasn’t too afraid of being disciplined since I felt should there be any disciplinary, it should start with the superior who was having the very same can as mine.

    But the colleague who gave me the beer continued taking hers without much shock since it was in a coke can.

    What could it mean?

  4. I don’t drink alcohol. But I woke up In a party where people were drinking and it was my grandma’s home and my old Acquaintance is offering me an alcoholic orange drink and my sister stops it and then on persuasion of My acquaintance she agrees to give a little. She says something and I see my other 2 relatives with sleepy and angry faces , and then i wake up with an unsettled feeling . what could It mean?

  5. bridget carroll

    Hi I dreamed I was at the bar in a very busy pub with my sister who was talking down to me & suddenly I realised I owned the bar & headed behind the counter a unbelievable feeling of happiness sweep over me what does this mean thanks

  6. hi i had a dream where there was a competition to drink beer and i was on the stage drinking . i dont drink in normal life

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