Dream Meaning of Eating Bread and Butter

Dreaming about eating bread and butter symbolizes complete sustenance. It means doors will open for you that will lead to all your needs being met. Bread and butter, in the olden days, was the preserve of the rich. dreaming about it, therefore, means riches are coming your way.

You have to understand, however, that it does not mean that you will receive a load of money soon. Yes, that may be the case, but in a nutshell, a dream about eating bread and butter means the universe is creating paths that will lead you to fulfillment.

Butter also symbolizes fat. This does not mean you will grow fat but that your ‘vineyard’ will increase. It might mean a promotion is coming your way, or that there will be growth in any or all departments of your life.

Your relationship may become better, your career may advance, or your academic pursuits may go further.

If you dream about eating bread and butter with your family, it means there will be an increase that will cover most people you love. It may mean that the family business will boom, or that someone in your family is about to get a breakthrough that will benefit everyone.

Dreaming about someone giving you bread meaning

If the bread was given to you with the butter already applied, it means your path will be easy and the universe is putting people in place that will help you. Embrace everyone in your life for you can never know who will be pivotal in your journey.

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What if you apply the butter yourself in the dream?

If you apply the butter yourself, it means everything is in place but you will need to take action. The universe is telling you that you have the tools to improve your life dramatically but are for some reason not taking action.

It could be that you have gone through so much that you no longer believe there could be light in the tunnel. However, you just have to surrender and act not out of fear but out of love for yourself and those around you.

Your dream is a sign that the universe is prompting you to step into your better days.

What to do

Your time has come. It is time to step into greener pastures. However, you actually have to take the step. You may not be able to see the green grass but just listen to your intuition, listen to your heart. It knows where you should go.

If you take that leap, and then the next, you will begin to see the green pasture waiting for you. Do not wait to see the meadows before taking a step or you will never see them at all.

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