Snake Bite on Foot Dream Meaning

If you get a snake bite on your foot in your dream, it means your very foundation in life may be at risk. Snakes spiritually symbolize deceit, pain, and death especially in dreams in which you are bitten.

Your foot, on the other hand, symbolizes being grounded. This is your connection to mother earth, where we get our sustenance. To see a snake bite you in the dream means something negative is about to happen in a major department in your life. If you are young, it means your education could be at risk. Something might be coming that will see your performance drop.

It might also mean there will be a disruption. For example, you may be moving in the near future which may lead to you changing schools.

If you are an adult, seeing a snake bite your foot means there is a shakeup coming in your career. This will affect your finances, your daily bread, how you take care of those around you, your health, and ultimately your happiness.

The dream should be taken as a warning and not something that should leave you scared and depressed. The great thing is that what you see coming can be dodged. Just watch your step in the coming weeks. Do not make any rash decisions without any contingency plans. You are not to gamble with your career or business in the coming weeks.

Black snake biting you on your right foot dream meaning

Dreaming about a black snake biting your right foot means there is somewhere you will go but that will turn out to be a mistake.

It is somewhere you will go to seek fortune, somewhere you will go thinking you will dramatically change your life for the better. However, it will be the opposite.

Do not act out of greed in the coming weeks. In your search for more, you may end up losing all you have.

Black Snake biting you on your left foot meaning

There is somewhere you have to go but you are unsure and afraid. Holding yourself back is bringing darkness in your life that will pass away like the morning fog if you simply take that step.

The thing is, you have a feeling going is the right thing to do and those around you may actually have been encouraging you to go. The only thing holding you back is fear. Squash the fear and act out of love for yourself and those around you.

What to do if you are bitten on your foot in the dream

Be careful with the journeys you take. You might soon go on one that will ruin your grounding in life. You need to feel your feet on the ground and sans that feeling, you will feel like a drifting tumbleweed.

At the same time, if you dream about seeing a black snake biting your left foot, it means you have to overcome your fears and take a step. There is somewhere you have to go and your fears are depriving you of your greener pastures. Take that step as it may turn out to be the best thing you ever did in your life.