Dream About a Coiled Up Snake Meaning

A dream about a coiled up snake symbolizes trouble that is about to unfold. However, the trouble will not fall on you unless you bring it upon yourself. The spiritual symbolism of a coiled snake is that of someone walking in a landmine field. The bomb will explode but only if you step on it.

You have to understand that a coiled up snake is always ready to attack. However, it will not attack unless it is provoked. The stance is simply a warning and a pre-attack position. If you leave it alone, you will be fine. But, if you get any closer, it will uncoil on you and strike.

That means there is trouble ahead of you that will only be triggered by your own actions. It does not matter whether you know it or not- the problem will come regardless, just like a coiled up snake will attack whether you are aware of it or not so long you provoke it.

What to do: You have to be careful where you tread. Be more aware of your emotional landscape. Be in the moment. That way, you will be able to see where the problem might arise from.

The color of the snake is also important

If you see a black snake coiled up, it means there is a deceitful person in your circle that is about to launch an attack on you but is waiting for you to provoke them. This may not necessarily be provocation on your part. They could simply be waiting for you to do something that annoys them, for example, something that makes them jealous of you.

What to do: Be careful with those who claim to love you. If someone shows you any double-faced tendencies, get rid of them, chuck them out of your life.

If you see a coiled yellow, red, or orange snake in the dream, it means there is some trouble that will arise as a result of your sexual acitvity, your passions. This problem is already almost in your courts. The next careless action might lead to it uncoiling and attacking you.

What to do: Be careful with your sexual activity in the coming weeks and possibly months. You will think you are smart and careful enough but you will end up jeopardizing your career, education, business, or relationship.

If you see a coiled white snake in the dream, it means there is trouble you are overlooking, thinking it won’t be much of a bother. However, you are wrong. Although it is white, it is still a snake and once it uncoils at you, the venom will cripple or even kill an important department of your life. It could be your relationship, your career, or your academic life.

What to do: Make sure you are not overlooking any problems in your life. Take control and deal with every little bother one at a time. But be careful because the coiled snake waiting to be provoked means in your attempts to solve your troubles, you might just trigger some repercussions.

If the coiled snake dream is recurring, spiritual symbolism is that there are deep-seated emotions that you have not dealt with but that will one day erupt and destroy your life. These unresolved emotions will make you act in ways that will be harmful to you, your career, your job, and those around you.