Fish and Snake in Dream Meaning

The spiritual symbolism of seeing fish and a snake in the dream depends on how the two creatures were interacting. The fish in the dream means food or your daily bread. The snake, on the other hand, symbolizes good health, long life, tenacity, shrewdness, wisdom, and self-reliance. Whether your dream is positive or negative depends on what you saw exactly.

Meaning of dream about a snake eating a fish

If you saw a snake eating a fish in the dream, it means your source of sustenance or the source of your daily bread, is at stake. A snake, or someone deceitful, is about to launch an attack at the very source of your finances, since in our modern world that is literally our daily bread.

The dream could also mean your business will be under attack from some who acts like a friend but it a slithering serpent.

What to do: Watch your friends and all those that seem to be on your side. Someone may be after your business or job.

Seeing fish and snake swimming together in a dream meaning

If you see a snake and a fish swimming in the water in peace, it means your sustenance or the source of your daily bread will thrive. It means your enemies will not be able to attack your business, job, or whatever source of income you make have.

Since the snake is a symbol of long life and health, you can expect your business or career to grow without turbulence for the coming months. It will be healthy and live long.

What to do: Relax. Approach your life with confidence knowing you will win. This way, your dream will have even more meaning. The important thing to note is that your subconscious mind has already seen that the path has been carved for you and all you have to do is walk along it.

Seeing a fish eating a snake in the dream

You may also see the roles reverse and see a fish eat a snake. This is a good thing. It also someone will come after you to take down the source of your sustenance or income (the fish) but you will overcome hence the symbolism of the fish-eating the snake.

What to do: Brace yourself for an attack from an unexpected source. You may not be able to see the enemy, but rest assured, you will win without even knowing. They will not only fail, but they will regret ever attacking you.

The color of the snake is also important. If a black snake eats a fish, the dream means the attack against your source of income will come hidden and will be a surprise. If the snake is yellow or orange, it means the things that will attempt to bring down your source of income will have something to do with your sexuality and passion. It could mean that someone you are sexually involved with will be the fall of you.

If the snake is white, it means the threat against your income will be weak and negligible, but it will be a threat still. If it is gray, the enmity will be moderate. It should not be ignored but dealing with it will be easy.

6 thoughts on “Fish and Snake in Dream Meaning”

  1. Had a dream I was looking out my back window & there was a stuffed toy that looked like it has been dropped over the fence & I thought oh i have to get that & throw back over then I noticed a dead fish over my back fence, but it moved & inside it was a snake which came out of I ya boy belly
    ????? Can you help interpret this
    So vivid & usually I don’t remember dreams

  2. I had about a dream about swimming in the ocean under so many snakes but I am swimming peacefully with my friends and the snakes watching us they don’t do anything just hissing around like they didn’t see us .

  3. I saw a dream . i was in my house , in my house bathroom there is a glass shelf with water, in that water there is many fish and 3 snakes. When my mom enter in that bathroom one snake make slip to down shelf. I tell my mom to get out without fear and i closed the shelf but one of my sister saw the 3 snake and make sound. I went to her and said don’t worry…….

  4. Denise Cummings

    Hi in my dream there were two fish in a fishbowl trying to jump out. And there was a snake wrapped around someone’s neck but let the person go what does this mean

  5. I dreamed of catching a yellow/green/orange/brown colour snake and a big fish. Put them in a pail, the snake tried to eat the fish, I caught the snake and killed it. It sprayed poison/blood on the floor, which I mopped it up. Please advise meaning

  6. In my dream three preachers were preaching to people in my fathers compound in the village and I went inside my the room to eat my food inside my bag suddenly a shaking movement and immediately a big brownish snake appeared from the bag where I was eating.I graduated from All Nation For Christ Bible Institute a division of Churc of God Mission Internationa Inc.In Nigeria Late Bishop Idahosas Church.Am confused about my calling

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