Kundalini Snake Dream Meaning

Dreaming about the kundalini snake means you have to awaken your spiritual side. You were born to add to the spiritual development of the human race. However, different dreams about the kundalini snake have different meanings, though with a similar theme.

Read on to see some examples of Kundalini serpent in the dream.

Dreaming about the Kundalini rising

The dream means you must work on your kundalini to allow it to rise. However, never do this without a knowledgeable teacher to guide you. If you can not get anyone to help you, just simple meditations will do. This will allow it to rise without putting you at risk. Kundalini snake rising can be risky and its best left to happen naturally.

What to do: Dedicate more time to your spiritual development every day. Even just 15 minutes of meditation will do.

Dreams about kundalini at the base of your spine and not moving up

Dreaming about a dormant kundalini snake spiritually symbolizes unawakened spiritual power. Your kundalini is unprovoked at the moment and most importantly, your subconscious mind is telling you not to awaken it until the time is right.

What to do: Leave your kundalini energy alone. Do not attempt to awaken it. In fact, awakening the kundalini serpent is not only risky but in most cases not necessary.

Dream about someone trying talking to awaken your Kundalini

This dream can be interpreted as a message about a coming teacher. The universe is preparing someone who will guide and help you to reach higher spiritual heights.

Please note that this does not exactly mean you will meet someone physically. It could be that you will come across someone’s video on the internet, a website, or a book.

In any case, though, this person will be your teacher even though they may not know you.

Dreaming about kundalini snake rising and hurting

If you dream about your kundalini rising and hurting, it means your spiritual ascension will not be an easy one. You will go through some hell but all this will be to the advantage of your spiritual growth.

The pains you will go through will make you wise and able to relate with people going not just through the same pains you will go through, but a whole spectrum of issues.

What to do: Be prepared for any problem life may through at you. Hold your peace as it is all a passing tornado that is here to simply test you. If you hold still, you will come out stronger and unscathed. The problem will arise if you panic and act irrationally.

Dream about the kundalini snake rising in someone you know or love

If you see the kundalini serpent rise in someone you know or love, the interpretation is that you need to help them along their spiritual journey.

You do not necessarily have to make your assistance known to them. In fact, you may not have to do anything for them directly. Just the way you live your spiritual life may be enough to inspire them into their own spiritual awakening.

Seeing kundalini snake outside the body

If you see the kundalini snake outside your body, it means you are not ready to house any spiritual power. There some preparatory things you need to do before you can be granted authority.

What to do: Usually, this has to do with control over emotions. Are you an angry person, a vindictive person, jealous, lazy, greedy? Work on these inner issues and you will be ready to proceed.