Meaning of Dream About Flying Snake

The meaning of a dream about a flying snake means there is trouble in your life that is hard to understand (hence the elusive flight) and hard to deal with. Flight represents swiftness, speed, light-footedness, rapid change. The interpretation of your flying snake dream implies there are some problems coming in your life that will change from one form to another, from one department to another. The problem, may, for example, start from your relationship, then sip into your career, and maybe even slow down your health.

What to do: Brace yourself but do not worry too much as that can make things worse. You can actually avoid this altogether using positive affirmations and being in the moment, being in the now. That way, you will have a better chance of identifying the problem and getting it under control.

What if you see a flying snake chasing you?

The snake that is chasing you while flying means there is trouble coming that will be hard to dodge. The problem will come at you no matter what you do. If the snake flying at you is black, it means the trouble will come as a surprise, out of the dark, out of someplace you could not see it coming.

It could be deceit by friends or family, or something you were certain would never go wrong. Since the snake had flight, the spiritual symbolism is that the trouble, whatever it is, will come at you swiftly.

What to do: Be careful with those around you. It is important to trust, but watch who you put your trust in.

If you see a white snake flying at you, it means the problem will come from someone you know is not good for you but have been ignoring. It could also mean a bad habit that you have been tolerating in your life will now come to bite you. Once again, this problem will be hard to escape once the dirt hits the fan.

What to do: Nip any bad habit in the bud while you can, before it turns on you. Get rid of that person you have always known is your enemy but have been giving chance after chance.

If the flying snake chasing you is green, it means something that has been life-giving to you is about to turn negative. Green symbolizes life. The dream could, therefore, mean that the very thing on which your life depends, could cause you much trouble and in a swift manner.

If you are still in school, your life-line at the moment can be considered to be your education. Seeing a green snake flying at you to attack you means your school will be the very thing that affects you negatively. This could manifest as depression about your academics that may ruin your life.

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What if you see a flying snake running away from you?

This is good news, actually. It means that there is an enemy that will flee from you so quickly that you will not be able to exact revenge on them, but the revenge is not necessary. It does not only mean an enemy will flee from you. It is also spiritually symbolic of problems that will soon leave your life in haste.

Once again, the color of the snake is also important. A yellow flying snake running from you means problems in your sexuality will leave, a green snake means problems in your sustenance will be no more, and a black snake means a deceitful friend will be taken from your life or at least they will have a change of mind.