Meaning of Snake Drinking Water in the Dream

Seeing a snake drinking water in the dream means different things depending on where you see the snake, and where the water is. It also matters how you feel about the dream as well as the color of the snake.

Read on to understand the different spiritual interpretations of seeing a snake in the dream drinking water.

Right out the gate, it is important to mention that water symbolizes life, emotions, and if it is in the form of an ocean or sea, it symbolizes people in multitudes.

Seeing a snake drinking water in the wild dream  meaning

If you see a snake drinking water in the wild, it means the natural, inborn snake characteristics such as the skills to survive, wisdom, and a fighting spirit need to be watered and fed, need to be given life hence the water symbol. The fact that the snake is in the wild symbolizes your natural, inborn snake characteristics.

What to do: Be more adventurous. You are limiting yourself out of fear of the unknown but you are ultimately killing the inner snake.

Seeing a snake drinking water in your house, near your house, or any urban setting

If you see a snake drinking water in the dream in or near your house and have an uneasy feeling about it, it means there is someone who is using your own resources to equip themselves in order to attack you.

You may be aware of this and might be helping this person, or they could be taking from you without your knowledge. Whatever the case, it is your resources they will use to gather the strength to attack you. It is you that will ‘give them the water.’

What to do: Open your eyes. The traitor will not be hard to spot if you pay attention.

Seeing black snake drinking water in the dream

Your dark side is awakening but this won’t help you. There is an event coming in which you will be tempted to act out of deceit. You will feel like lying or backstabbing someone, or cheating. But, in the end, it will work against you and won’t give you the gains you expect to get.

What to do: Stay on the side of the light. Awakening your negative serpent characteristics, feeding them and entertaining them will be poisonous to those around you and equally to you too.

Seeing a yellow snake drinking water

Seeing a yellow snake drinking water means there will be some negativity that will arise from sexual passion. The time is yet to come, as the passion is still growing and will soon well out to cause trouble.

You will be overpowered by temptation. You will know it is wrong to indulge but you will be weak. There will be a strong urge to cheat.

What to do: It will be delicious, it will be tempting, but it will all be trouble for you and you will regret. The yellow snake you saw drinking water is a warning to not feed your forbidden sexual passions.

Seeing a black and white snake drinking water in the dream meaning

To see a black and white snake drinking water in the dream implies there is an enemy who is confusing to you. They are not only confusing but even they cannot understand themselves. Sometimes, they want to help you but are overpowered by their dark side and find themselves doing you wrong.

This is not just a random enemy. They could be your friend or family and in your circles.

The bottom line is that it is hard for you to decide whether they are an enemy or an ally, a friend, or a foe.

What to do: It depends on you in the end. If you think the negativity you get from this person is not worth their positive side, then get rid of them. If at all you find them helpful in some way, keep them. It is all up to you.