Snake Spitting Venom on You Dream Meaning

Seeing a snake spitting venom on you in the dream should not worry you even though it has a negative meaning. The dream means there is an enemy who hates you but they cannot harm you. They are frustrated and all they can do is ‘spit’ at you.

Even though in real life snake venom can harm your eyes, it is spiritually harmless as a symbol that manifests in such a dream.

The interpretation of a snake spitting at you depends on a few things such as the color of the snake and how terrified you were, and also whether you provoked the snake or it was all sudden.

Dream about a black snake spitting at you meaning

If a black snake sprays its venom at you, it means there is a hidden enemy trying to fight you. They may or may not be a friend but the bottom line is that there is an attack going on or at least coming soon. The most important thing to note is that this person cannot harm you although they may be hell-bent on making you suffer, hence all they can do is spit at you.

What to do: Although the attacks of your enemies may not harm you, it is not a good idea to have a stream of negative energy coming at you constantly. Try to spot who your secret enemy might be.

Dream about a white snake spitting at you

This is an enemy you know. They have waged war against you and you know it. Seeing a white snake spitting venom at you means the enemy is frustrated because they cannot manage to sink their fangs in you and all they can do is spit.

What to do: Since this is an enemy you know very well is fighting you, do something to either end the fight or get the person out of your life for good. You do not know for how long they will keep spitting at you and when they will get a chance to sink their fangs in you.

Dream about yellow or orange snake spitting at you meaning

If you see a yellow, orange or red snake spitting at you, the interpretation is that there is some trouble that may come in your sex life. However, rest easy because this problem will only manifest but won’t harm you in any way.

What to do: Try to keep your relationship pure and get rid of all looming troubles even though you may be certain they will do no harm. You do not want to take any chances in your relationship department.

Dream about snake spitting at someone you know

If you see a snake spitting at your mother, your father, your brother, sister, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, a friend, and anyone close to you, it means there is some trouble brewing that can still be taken care of.

At the moment, the snake is just spitting but soon, things may change and it may launch a deadly attack.

What to do: It all depends on the relationship between you and the person you saw in the dream. What you can do in any case is just try to be available and help whenever you can.

Snake spitting venom at your dog, cat, or any pet

If you see a snake spitting at your dog or cat or any pet of yours, it means your friendly side is under attack. Someone is trying to use your friendship as a way to get to you.

They will come as a friend hence the pet symbolism. You will like them and trust them but in the end, they will disappoint you. That will be all they ever wanted.