Meaning of Dream About Singing Snake

The meaning of a dream about a singing snake depends on what song the snake was singing. The one thing to understand, though, is that the singing gives the whole snake dream even deeper meaning. Songs are symbolic of deep-seated emotions, whether sadness, happiness, joy, mourning, celebration, etc.

If the song was happy, it means there is an event that will come along your way that will first appear as negative as a snake but will actually result in joy. Your life, and perhaps that of those around you, will improve drastically so much so that songs of joy will well up from the very depths of your souls.

What to do: Do not fear. In this life, you can never be too careful, my friend. Stop playing God, stop acting like you know tomorrow. Remember that there were some things you were sure would turn out wonderful but only wound you up in trouble. The fact is you know your heart is telling you to take that step but you are acting out of fear. Act from your heart, from the place of courage and faith.

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Snake singing sad song in a dream meaning

If the song the snake was singing was sad, there may be an event coming in your life that will have all the tale-tale signs of a bad decision but that you will go ahead and still make. But this will not be from a place of courage, faith, or love. You will do this out of greed and selfishness like a snake.

Perhaps you will cheat, get caught, and lose far more than just your partner. Perhaps you will engage in dishonest activity at work or school that will cost you your career or academic life.

What to do: The snake singing a sad song is a warning. Seeing a bad snake is bad enough. But you are so stubborn that the universe had to add an extra message and make the fearsome snake, (which is negative enough) sing a sad song to get your attention. You, my friend, should not act out of selfishness or greed, especially in the coming weeks.

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If the song sung by the snake was in a foreign language, it means you are about to get into something you think you know but the results of which will leave you feeling confused. It is something negative, hence the fearsome snake in the dream. However, you will be brave enough to still take the plunge, thinking you have the situation under control.

However, once you do, you will remain feeling lost, confused, and helpless hence the snake singing a foreign language. The confusion might be far-reaching. It might affect your family, your career, or your education. Your life will come to a standstill for a while, but only for a while as symbolized by the song which of course does not last forever.

What to do: Be careful with the risks you take in the coming weeks. There is one decision you will make out of certainty but that will end in confusion. Be careful how you tread, my friend. The snake you think you have tamed may still be wild at heart.

You should also consider the color of the snake that is singing the song. If it is black, the negative aspect of the dream can be considered intense. If it is gray, the negative interpretation could be deemed moderate. If it is white, you can expect the negative aspect to be negligible.

If the snake is red or orange, it means the negative aspect of your dream will have something to do with sexuality and passion.

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