Dreaming of Snakes in Water Meaning

Dreaming about snakes in water means you have deep-seated emotions that are holding you back. Water stands for emotions while snakes stand for intelligence, self-reliance, tenacity, and wisdom. The dream means you will need to go through your emotions to see what issues have not been resolved.

Here are all the dreams about seeing a snake in water and what they might mean.

Dream about a small snake in water

To dream about a small snake in water means that you have an emotion that has just started developing that will soon grow big enough to be a problem in your life. The baby snakes stand for emotional issues in your life that are still small but will one day grow.

Dream about python in water

To dream about a python in water means there is a very serious issue in your life that seems to run in your family. This could be a physical health issue, a mental health problem, or even states such as poverty, lack of education, or poor relationships.

Dream about swimming with snakes

To dream about swimming with snakes in a river or swimming pool means there are friends in your life that do not mean well for you. You have allowed them to come close to your life but to them, this is just a chance to attack you.

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Dream about seeing a dead snake in water

To see a dead snake in a pond, river, lake, or swimming pool means there is an unwarranted fear that is preventing you from moving ahead in life. This could be a phobia from your early days that has for some reason carried on into your adulthood.

Dream about a red snake in the water

To see a red snake in the water means that there is an emotion you are experiencing that is affecting your sexuality. It means there is some anxiety, some fear, some worry, insecurity, etc, that is affecting your sex life. The fact that you are seeing this in your dream means there is still room for you to do something.

Dream about a brown snake in water

Seeing a brown snake in water means that you are experiencing money problems that are making you anxious. The color brown can be interpreted as wealth, mineral, gold. Seeing a brown snake in the water, therefore, means you have some anxiety, worry, and even depression because of your financial situation.

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Dream about a yellow snake in water

Seeing a yellow snake in the water means your life is not where it is supposed to be because of your unwarranted fear. Yellow in the dream symbolizes fear and a lack of courage. To see a yellow snake in water is a sign that you have a very deep-seated fear that makes it hard for you to go into anything new. Sometimes, even allowing new people into your life is a problem.

Dream of spotted snake in water

To see a spotted snake in the water is a sign that you are having very confusing emotions about someone. You do not know whether to trust them, whether they are beneficial, whether they are your enemy or your friend. The dream could also mean you are having doubts about your partner, wondering if you are with the right one.

Dream of a black and white snake in water

To see a black and white snake in the water means you have someone in your life who shows you two sides. This person can be good today, but bad tomorrow. The dream means the person you are unsure about is actually bad for you. Although they may show you different colors, the reality is that they are a snake and that’s the bottom line.

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Dream about a green snake in water

Seeing a green snake in water means you do not feel grounded. You cannot feel your feet on the ground and this has left you feeling disconnected from the earth, from mother mature hence the color green. The dream is a wake-up call to do whatever you can in order to get your life back on track.

Dream about a long snake in water

Seeing a very long snake in the water, whether it is red, green, yellow, or brown, means that there are some negative emotions that have been running long in your family. If you look around your relatives, you will realize that there seems to be a common thread emotions-wise. It could be that most of them suffer depression once in a while or such.

Dream about a silver snake in water

Seeing a silver snake in the water in the dream means there is someone in your life about whom your feelings are wrong. You think this person glitters and means well but your feelings are actually wrong. You have to look around to see who this person might be. They are often some friends pretending to be good when they actually mean evil for you.

Dream about a snake with two heads in the water

To see a snake with two head in the water implies that there is a situation you are facing from which you can’t seem to escape. The dream means there is a situation in which you will get to lose whatever side the coin lands on, hence the two-headed snake. The dream, however, is a sign that there at least could be something you could do to solve your problem.

Dream about king cobra in water

To dream about a king cobra snake in water means you have some overpowering negative energy coming your way from someone you trust. The negative energy is usually in the form of jealousy. Even if you may have nothing, someone around you is afraid of what you could become and trying to pull you down.

Dream about cottonmouth snake in water

To see a cottonmouth snake in water means you have some emotions that you are having a hard time voicing. The barrier could be a fear of how others will take you, whether they will think of you negatively, or whether they will accept you. However, keeping thoughts and feelings to yourself will lead to an underexpressed life.

Dream about rat snake in water

To see a rat snake in water in the dream, maybe in a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, or river, means you have some deep-seated emotions that are as destructive to your well-being as rats. Rats are pests and water stands for emotions. The combination of a rats snake in water means destructive emotions such as unnecessary guilt, regret, and fear.