All Snake Dream Meanings

When most people dream about snakes, it is never a light matter. Such dreams leave people perplexed and looking for the spiritual meaning of their dream. Snakes are highly symbolic creatures and almost every culture has symbolism for the reptile.

Sometimes, they are seen in a positive light and other times, they are negative. The same applies to seeing snakes in the dream. The interpretation is not always negative, even if you may have been scared by it.

Here are all the different snake dreams explained.

Seeing a small snake

If you see a small snake in your dream trying to attack you, it means there is enmity brewing somewhere. There is trouble coming that you might be overlooking but that will soon prove to be a problem.

A small harmless, friendly snake that nevertheless scares you implies the need for you to cultivate courage, formidability, and the ability to intimidate your enemies. It means these qualities in you will be necessary in the near future but are currently too underdeveloped, hence the small ‘baby’ snake.

But since the snake scared you even though it is harmless, the dream means you have a strong aversion to standing up for yourself. Snake are solitary animals and they never move as a group. Each snake is self-reliant. You find the idea of independence daunting at a subconscious level.

Seeing a large snake in the dream

Seeing a big harmful snake in the dream means you have a treacherous person in your midst. This venomous person appears to be a friend but indeed is a snake. You will soon be betrayed and the betrayal will have a massive effect on your life.

It may actually change the trajectory of your life. If you see a large snake in the dream that appears to be indifferent to you that is simply minding its own business, it means you have dormant greatness in you. It is dormant and needs activating. Since the big snake was not trying to run from you, it means the greatness is within your reach.

But a large snake that tries to bite you means there is a long term problem that needs to be resolved. This often means there is an issue from the past that left you emotionally traumatized and although you may not even be able to remember it, your subconscious mind continues to suffer. This issue will only continue to grow in strength and will soon start affecting your decisions without your knowledge.

Being chased by a snake

If you see yourself being chased by a snake in the dream, it means your enemy is actively working against you. There is a battle that is going on right now and you need to wake up lest your enemies win against you.

Killing a snake in the dream

You are about to end a toxic relationship that has been for some time bothering you. The person will leave your life but it has to be by your action. You will have to take a stand even though it may be uncomfortable.

Being bitten by a snake in the dream

A friend is slandering you behind your back. Their slander will not just end with your tainted reputation. It will actually lead to some problems in your life. This dream may manifest its negativity in your relationship, your education, your career, or your family life.

Seeing dormant snakes in the dream

If you see dormant snakes in the dream that seem to just be basking in the sun, it implies your enemy’s inability to attack you even though they may want to. It could be because they have no way of attacking you or your defenses are too strong and they fear your retaliation.

Seeing a black dangerous snake in the dream

A black snake means there is some trouble that you won’t be able to see until it strikes. This often means there is a very dangerous person in your life who you cannot suspect. However, they may about to change your life for the worst with an attack you won’t see coming. In fact, you will not know who the attacker was.

A black friendly snake dream meaning

There is something you are fearing that you should not be afraid of. There is someone you have made your enemy that is actually a good person and should be your friend. This person is integral to your life and you have to make peace with them. The thing is, deep down, you do know that you are the one in the wrong. You will have to swallow your pride and apologize,

A white snake in the dream

Seeing a white snake in the dream implies known enmity. There is an enemy you know is against you. This person is not hidden, they are openly at war with you. The full meaning depends on how you interacted with the snake. If you killed it, it means you will triumph. If the white snake bit you, it means they will launch an attack against you that will be successful.

Seeing a rattlesnake in the dream

Your life would have been going well if you heed all the warnings. You have made enemies that you shouldn’t have. You actually knew what you were doing but still went ahead out of greed, selfishness, vindictiveness, jealousy, or envy. The rattlesnake implies there will be ample warning before you get struck.

Seeing a python in the dream

You are about to meet some trouble but do not worry, you will see it coming and it will not bite you as pythons do not bite. However, it may wear you down and squeeze the life out of your relationships, or business if you do not handle it carefully.

Seeing a spitting cobra in the dream

You need to be more thorough in your lofe. There is a problem that you think you have solved but that is still dangerous. It’s like you have a cobra at your hands but you are at a distance from and you feel safe. However, it may soon spit its venom into your eyes. It also means there is a distant friend, someone who is not very close to you that is planning to do something against you.

Eating a snake in the dream

There is something coming that will make you a wiser person. However, it may not be pleasant but rest assured, you will emerge a better person. A friend will betray you. Someone will break your trust in a very brutal way. It will be bitter, but it is for your own advancement along the path of life. Seeing a boa constrictor in the dream

The same as a python or Anaconda.

The dream means there will be a big organization that will fight you. It could also mean there is a battle with a big businessman, a pastor, or some boss at a company that is coming your way.

The battle will be as big as the enemy you will fight with and whether you win or not depends on how you play your cards. You should use this dream as a warning and know that some of your interactions with certain people or organizations may turn confrontational.

Pet snake in the dream

If you see a pet snake in the dream, it shows your ability to tame enemies and use it to your own advantage. Your enemies may launch an attack but somehow, you turn it into something positive for yourself. The dream might also mean there is someone you know is an enemy but you think they are not harmful. However, they are still a snake and one day, they may inflict some damage.

Seeing dead a snake

Seeing a dead snake means you have an enemy who will have a change of heart or will be defeated and will no longer be a threat to you. If you have an enemy co-worker, it means they will either be fired or transferred to a different department. If you have a bad relative who is your enemy, the dream means they will be out of your life. Maybe they will move to a faraway place or something.

Seeing snakes fighting in the dream

If you see snakes fighting in the dream, it means your enemy is having an inner battle. A part of them wants to attack you but a part of them does not want. They do not want to because they think it is wrong, the only reason they are hesitating is that they think it may backfire. Indeed, it will backfire.

Seeing a snake bite your friend

A snake biting your friend means they will soon be betrayed by someone close. The traitor might even be someone you and your friend both know. What’s important to know is that you will have a role to play in either thwarting this attack or helping recover from the blow.

Seeing a snake wrapped or coiled around your neck

Your neck symbolizes your livelihood. It is your body’s lifeline. If you see a snake wrapped or coiled around your neck, the dream means a friend of yours is about to attack the very source of your livelihood. The effect will be so damaging that you will feel your very life has been strangled.

Seeing a snake wrapped around your ankle

If you see a snake wrapped or coiled around your ankle, whether left or right, it means your ability to advance in life is being curtailed by an enemy. Your ankle symbolizes your ability to explore, move forward, and grow. If this part of your body is not working, you cannot advance. The dream, therefore, implies stagnation and being at the same place in your relationship, business, education, or career.

Seeing a snake wrapped around your hand or arm

If you see a snake wrapped around your hand or arm, it means your ability to produce is under threat from someone you know. This is a person who pretends to be your friend but is actually a serpent out to harm you. The dream can be interpreted to mean your business or job is at stake.