Flying Dream Meaning

A dream about flying generally means you have a need for freedom. It symbolizes escape from the many issues surrounding you. The dream could also stand for untapped potential, as in you can soar higher right now but for some reason are not doing so.

Psychologically speaking, it comes when you are feeling trapped in some way and this is your subconscious mind trying to free you. You can interpret this dream as meaning that your subconscious mind has worked out some of the emotional and mental issues you might be going experiencing.

Dream of flying away from danger

A dream about flying from danger means you have some issues going on in your life that your subconscious mind may have been trying to figure out. Having this dream means that you have finally managed to figure it out. The dream could be about some old emotions that may have been holding you down, emotions that you will now be able to work through.

What to do: You will need to stop dwelling in the past and train your mind to adopt new patterns of emotion. The dream means that you now have the ability to loosen yourself from the grip of neagtive emotion.

But seeing yourself fly in the dream could also mean that you have just dodged an energy attack. By energy or energetic attack, I mean there is someone sending negative energy your way. This negative energy normally comes through jealousy, negative words, and perpetual bad thoughts towards you. For some, it can even mean psychic attacks such as witchcraft.

What to do: You need to get any negative people out of your life. It is really easy to spot those that harbour thoughts of jealousy towards you. But most people fail to kick them out of their lives. You should be able to muster some courage and do the necessary.

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Dream interpretation flying in the sky

To dream about flying in the sky means your spirit is yearning to grow to new heights. It does not just mean the inner man is yearning, but it also means doors are open for you to go through. The dream could mean you are now able to soar in your career, your job, your relationship, your business, or your education.

What to do: Although the dream means doors are open for you to go through and go to new heights, you still have to take a step. It can be intimidating to take new steps, to walk along new paths. But, if you delay, the chance may pass you.

Dream of flying over water

To dream about flying over water means that you are destined to lead multitudes of people. You do not necessarily have to be a leader. You could also be a musician, authors, a sports person, a renowned academic person, or simply a leader in your own field of expertise. In a dream, water in a lake or sea stands for crowds of people and flying over them stands for dominion.

What to do: All you have to do is try to be the best you can be. You do not have to do much to help the process apart from just following the path, doing what you have to do right now. You will need to follow your heart as it knows what you really have to do.

Spiritual meaning of flying in dreams

Spiritually, whether you are a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, Mormon or anything, a dream about flying means spiritual empowerment over your enemies. It means there is someone who has launched a spiritual attack against you but you have survived it. It could also mean that there generational curses that have kept you on the ground but you are now about to free yourself from them.

What to do: If you are spiritual as a Christian, a Hindu, or Muslim, you have to do what your religion requires you to do. The dream means you have already been empoered, so at this time the only thing to do would be to give thanks in prayer.

Dreams of flying or floating

Dreams of flying and floating indicate a free spirit. It is either you have entered a new phase in life in which you will be free, or you are too weighed down and have to be free in order for you to enter your new phase. The dream could also mean you have unlocked potential and you are not as high as you possibly could in your life.

What to do: Look into yourself and see what needs to be dropped, what needs to be adopted, and what needs to be changed. You really have to pause and and relaz for you to see what path you must take in order to walk in your freedom.

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Flying dreams as a child

To have flying dreams as a child implies that you are destined to be great and you will be if you follow your heart. However, as a child, there are so many things that can happen to you that could stop you in your path to your destiny so it is possible that you went off your intended path and onto a not-so-great-path.

What to do: A child who has flying dreams should be careful not to lose his or her destiny. The dream means they have so much potential but they have to stay away from things that might distract them such as bad friends, drugs, bad relationships, and other vices.

You used to have flying dreams as a child but you stopped

If you are asking ‘Why did I stop having flying dreams?’, then you have found what I think is your answer. Some people have flying dreams as children but they stop once they reach a certain age. Why is this? Well, the answer is usually that they stop aspiring to greatness, they stop dreaming, and they get stuck in a routine which leaves them boxed and bored.

What to do: Try to think back on your life and try to figure out what really matters in your life. Reignite your dreams, the things that you really wanted to do before life blocked your sight. They say it is never too late and it is true when it comes to chasing your dreams.

Dream about flying over the ocean

The meaning of flying over the ocean in a dream is that you will be a public figure. It could be that you will be a leader, a famous entertainer, or even a sports person with outstanding ability. Oceans stand for multitudes of people and flying over an ocean means you will have many people looking up to you.

What to do: The dream simply means that you are empwered to do these great things but you still have to make an effort in order to make them a reality. This means you have to look into your heart and follow what you want to do.

Biblical meaning of flying in a dream

Biblically, flying in a dream implies grace to overcome problems and get yourself to new heights. This could mean spiritual or physical empowerment. In Psalms, the Bible talks about soaring like eagles and that simply means you will prosper in every area of your life – your relationships, your education, your career, or business.

What to do: If you are a Christian, you will need to keep to your Christian ways. Do everything your Bible says to do in order for you to be prosperous. Usually, this involves giving to the needy around you and just being a helpful person all round.

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Flying dream meaning psychology

Flying dream in psychology means that you have anxiety in your life that is weighing you down. The dream is just your mind trying to experience some freedom since it cannot in real life. Sometimes, it can even come as a result of something you do not even know is going on, such as some traumatic experience you may have had in the past that affects you without your knowledge.

What to do: You will need to work through whatever emotional and mental stresses you might be going through by first taking a break. You need to have a breather and just relax for a while to see things clearer. If there is something from your past that could be hindering you, then take some time find proffessional help.

Dream of a flying car

A car in the dream stands for a journey you must undertake. It could be a business, a new venture in your education, or a new relationship or simply a fresh start in your relationship. To see a flying car, therefore, means there is an intense desire within you for a new journey in your life. But the dream could also mean you are impatient. A car moves on the ground but in your mind, that is not enough to get you where you want to go so you feel it needs to fly.

What to do: After having a dream about a lfying car, you need to take a look at your life and see if there is any impatience. Impatience never worked out well for anyone and the end result in often distatrous. One thing you must know is that no matter how long it might seem to take, the time alwasy passes.

Dream meaning flying ship

To dream about a flying ship also stands for a need for you to move faster in your life. It is a sign that what you are doing right now will not get you to your destination so you need to fly. The ship moves on water but it seems that is not fast enough for you, so your mind shows you a flying ship which obviously moves faster.

What to do: You need more efficincy in your life. Try to seeif you can make some improvemnt and do things better. The flying ship you saw just meant that moving normaly will not cut it. You need to fly.

Dream about an airplane flying low

A dream about an airplane flying low means that there is something you are doing that is putting you at risk. You may not even know that you are in danger and this makes it even worse because you will not know what you might do to possibly save yourself.

What to do: Take a look at your life and do not overlook any issues in your life. If there is a bad habit in your life, you need to cut it. If there are bad friends in your life, you need to drop them.

Dream flying into power lines

To dream about flying into powerlines mean that your impatience and need to get things done quickly will only harm you. Instead of walking or running, you think flying will get you there. But this has only wound you in powerlines and ends up being far worse than walking.

What to do: Drop your impatience. You will lose far more than you are hoping to gain. This could be impatienece in your relationship, your job, your education, or your business. The fact that you are seeing this dream means it is very important for you to take things slow.

Spiritual meaning of flying in dreams

Flying in the dream spiritually means that you will escape your enemies’ traps. We all have enemies of some kind and these are always trying to get you. It also means you will go higher up in your spiritual life but this will also mean your spiritual battles will get even more intense.

What to do: If you have a dream about flying and you are a spiriual person, you will need to refer to the faith you subscibe to. Although it means you are above your enemies, it also means you will soon have new kinds of troubles. 

Dreaming of flying while seated in a chair

To dream about flying while you are seated in a chair means that you will soon go into a phase in your life in which you will experience growth without sweating. It means that you will do little (seating on a chair) but still gain much (flying). The dream could mean a great time is coming in your relationship, your business, or career.

What to do: Seeing your self flying while seated on a chair is a sign of a harvest and that can only come after palting. This means that you have to work to get into this no-stress-zone.

Dreams about flying into wires

A dream about flying into wire means there is something you are doing that you are not ready to do. It could be that you are no ready to get into a relationship and if you do, you will only end up crashing. Or it could be that you are certain you should start a business but if you do, you will only end up losing your money.

What to do: Be patient. Seeing yourself crashing into wire while you fly just means you are too fast. Make sure you know what you are doing, know what you are getting yourself into before you sign up.

Dreams of levitating

To see yourself levitating in the dream means that you will soon experience a time of no stress in your life. You will soon feel like you are just floating along your life instead of the much harder walking. The dream can manifest in your relationship, your education, your job, or your business.

What to do: Make sure you do everything you know you should do as this is the most sure fire way to get to where you want to be, a life of little to no stress. Whether it is in your relationship, your educarion, your job, or your career, you will need to put in the work.

Dream of levitating and not liking it

But if you were levitating and felt uncomfortable and scared, it is a sign that you do not need to do any cheating in order to get what you want. Instead of just walking, you found yourself levitating in the dream but cannot control it. It is a sign that once you get impatient in life and try to hurry things up, you will only end up losing your footing and mess everything up.

What to do: You are supposed to be more content with the pace at which you are moving in life. If you try to cheat or do things you are no supposed to do just to get you where you think you want to be, you will end up regreting.

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Uncontrollable floating dreams

A dream in which you cannot control your floating means that you are feeling ungrounded and directionless. It means there is, or soon will be some anxiety in your life that will leave you feeling lost. It could be because of a problem in your relationship, your job, your education, or your family life.

What to do: You have to stop fightin for a whole and just take a break. Your mind needs a break for you to see things as they are before you can act. Other wise any action you take right now will only make things worse, like an insect trying to fee itself from a spider’s web.

Dream of being lifted up in the air

To dream about being lifted up in the air means you have a strong desire to be at a different level in your life but something is holding you back. But you do feel that where you are is not where you are supposed to be and you do know that you need to do something about it.

What to do: One of the best moments in life are found when you are doing what you love, feeling yourself gouing where you are supposed to go. It might be hard for you but if you make the effort, you will get there. 

Dreaming of flying like a bird

To see yourself flying like a bird, flapping your wings, means you have the ability to soar high but you will need to make some effort. Some flying dreams do no involved any form of wing-flapping and people just seem to float to whenever they want by just willing themselves. But if you have to flap your wings like a bird in order to fly, it means you have to make an effort for you to rise, but you will.

What to do: Give everything you do your all and never take anything for granted. You can never know where you wings will come from. You will have to try to be excellent at everything you do. Remember to also surround yourself with helpful family.

Floating house dream

To see a floating house in the dream implies that you have to have some stability in your family. The house stands for your family, and not just your immediate family but your bloodline. Seeing it float means that your family is bound to rise and make a name for itself. This may happen now or it will be in the near future.

What to do: Find your strenghts, your uniqueness and capitalise on it. This is the only way you will be able to make your family float. Most important of all, keep your family together.

Dream of flying over mountains

To dream about flying over mountains means you have very serious issues that are crippling your life. You are having a hard time overcoming these issues and the dream is your subconscious mind just trying to have some freedom. Mountains in your dream stand for hurdles and obstacles. To fly over them implies you will soon be able to overcome them.

What to do: Have the right people around you that can help you carry the load. You are never the only one, Other people have been through what you are experiencing and you can draw inspiration from them. To dream about flying over mountains means that you do have the ability to overcome the problems, which is a good thing to know.

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Dream about flying over a city

To dream that you are flying over a city means that you are destined to be a big business person. Cities in dreams stand for wealth and not just ordinary wealth bu empires. Such a dream may mean that you will have great wealth, or at least that you are supposed to have it.  It does not matter where you might be in life, or how old you might be. You can do it.

What to do: You have to follow your heart as it will leade you where your destiny lies. Surround yourself with fellow great people, or at least those who are aiming at greatness.

Dream about a flying dog

To see a flying dog in the dream means that you will have some loyal people in your life that will make you excel. Dogs are symbols of loyalty in the dream. They are faithful and always have the best for you at heart in everything they do. To see a flying dog could also mean that if you take on the good traits of a dog, namely loyalty and faithfulness, your life will soar.

What to do: Treat those around you with faithfulness and loyalty. You will never know who will help you fly. These can be your family members, your friends, your co-workers, or your classmates. In any case, being faithful will always be the best.

Dream about a flying cat

A dream about a flying cat means you will fly and go high in life but you need to take on the good traits of a cat. Cats in the dream stand for independence and self -reliance. You may have noticed that cats like to do their own thing and are solitary animals. That does not mean you have to be solitary – you need people around you but you need to be an independent person especially mentally.

What to do: Slowly, start living your life the way you think you have to. Be independent and try to avoid litstening to the hurtful criticism of others, especially the kind borne out of jealosy. You will need to be tenacious.

Dream about a flying pig

To see a flying pig means that you are destined to be great but you are being held back by some of the traits of a pig. This is usually disorganization and unless you rid your life of it, you will not soar. The pig in the dream stands for laziness, disorganization, and dirt. Seeing it fly simply means your life could be many times better if you could get rid of the pig characteristics from your life.