Silver Colored Snake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To see a silver-colored snake in the dream is a sign that you will soon come into some money. But that is if the snake was not threatening you. If it was threatening and scared you, it means that your finances are in danger. It means there will be some betrayal coming your way from someone you know and consider to be a friend.

Here is the symbolism of silver snakes and what the dream might mean.

Silver symbolizes money. Seeing a silver snake in the dream means that you may soon come into some money or some kind of fortune. Silver and gold in all cultures is a sign of wealth, and snakes are seen as important symbols. Seeing them in your waking hours or in your sleep in the dream should be taken seriously.

Is it good or bad to see a silver snake or be bitten by one in the dream?

It all depends. Even a snake bite in the dream is not automatically a bad thing. Some times, the snake can bite you without making you feel fearful, and that is when things are good. At times, even just seeing it can leave you traumatized, and this can be taken to mean it is a bad symbol.

When do dream about silver snakes occur?

The dream can occur in times of financial problems, or in times when you seem to have an opportunity to make money or come into some kind of fortune. But, as earlier said, whether it is a good thing or bad thing depends on how you felt during and after the dream.

If you felt terrible, it is a sign that there could be some financial issues looming. If you felt unaffected, it means there is some financial breakthrough on its way.

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Being traumatized in the dream by a silver-colored snake in the dream could mean a friend is about to betray you and this will affect your finances

Snakes also stand for betrayal, backbiting, slander, deceit. Seeing a silver snake traumatize you in the dream as when it bites or chases you, means that someone close to you such as a friend, family member, or colleague is about to deceive or betray you. This betrayal will result in a loss of income or will ultimately cost you money in some way.

The dream is a warning telling you to be careful with those around you as some could be snakes. The harm is often inspired by jealousy. Someone you know wishes to have what you have and they are ready to take you down for it.

You need to be vigilant and keep your eyes open. Anyone who shows signs of jealousy should be kicked out of your life. The most dangerous people are those that are close to us. They know all our moves, our history, and our plans for the future. They have the ability to throw spanners into our plans since they know what they are all about.

Kicking people out of your life is not always easy. You may have grown accustomed to them and may even be benefiting in some way from them. However, your dream about a silver snake means you will lose far more than whatever you could be gaining from them by keeping them in your life.

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