Dream About Bear Tattoo Meaning

A dream about a bear tattoo means that you will be experiencing something that will need you to be as strong and enduring as a bear. If you are to succeed, these are traits that will have to define you. You will need to bulldoze your way ahead. However, there is more. The tattoo could be on your arm, hand, leg, thigh, face, or any part of your body.

Here are all the meanings of a dream about getting a bear tattoo

You need to be strong and enduring

To see yourself getting a bear tattoo in the dream means that you will require strength and endurance if you are to move from where you are to where you have to be. Bears are symbols of strength and endurance.

They can go for long winters without eating anything. They can defend themselves from fearsome animals even when they are overpowered. These are the traits that will take you to the next level.

What to do: You have it in you. We all have it in us but we have to awaken it. You should know that this should be done on a daily basis. You will need to renew your strength every minute, every hour, every day.

You need to control your anger but be firm

Getting a tattoo of a bear in a dream, could be a sign that you are too angry. The fact that you are getting a tattoo means that you are proud of the angry manner in which you deal with things. However, anger will actually draw you back.

What to do: You have to be firm but not uncecessarily angry. You need to take control of your emotion and not let them rule and direct your action.

Dream about bear tattoo means you are getting into a phase in which you will be more independent

To see yourself getting a bear tattoo is a sign that you are getting more independent. I could be in your education, your job, your career, your business, your health, etc. You will no longer need as much help from those around you but will not enter a time in which you will start helping more.

What to do: There is no need to jump into forced independence. It will happen slowly so that there aren’t any disruptions in your life. But you should always remember that interdependence is the way to go.

You need to show others your strength for them to be inspired

Wear your strength for all to see. The tattoo you saw means you have many people with their eyes on you. These could be your family, your friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. You tattoo means you have to show them just what a person can do if they choose strength.

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What to do: Take everything you do as an opportunity to inspire. It is not about being boastful. You can show them how it’s done without being showy.

Being strong may attract hatred and jealousy

But your strength will also have some negatives in that those around you will become jealous of you for the things you are doing that they have chosen not to.

The bear tattoo is a sign of strength, but we all know that getting a tattoo hurts and that is why this dream can be taken to mean that there will be some jealousy, or some other form of negativity once some bad actors around you notice your strength.

You will need to focus on yourself and just do the right things you know how to do. YOu will be dragged down by people if you try to dance to their every tune. You will need to have your own path, your own way of doing things and be confident about it.

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