Dream About Bears Fighting Meaning

A dream about bears fighting means that two or more of your problems will end up canceling each other out. It could also mean that there are some enemies in your life who, instead of fighting you, will be occupied with fighting among themselves. This is actually a dream with positive symbolism.

Here are some dreams about bears fighting and what they mean.

Seeing bears fighting near your house in a dream

Seeing bears fighting near your house is a sign that you have some bad friends or relatives that have some jealousy against you, or just hate you for no reason. However, these will be consumed by their own hate-filled hearts and will start fighting amongst themselves. All you have to do in this is keep out of their lives and them out of yours. This, sometimes, is the only solution.

What to do: Avoid your enemies. Once you sense that someone is being malicious against you, get them out of your life and never look back. A bad friend could be more dangerous than an enemy.

Two bears fighting could mean that your problems will lead to good things

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The spiritual interpretation of this dream could be that there are two or more problems in your life that will interact with each other in a manner that will actually change your life for the better. These could be problems in your education, your business, job, or career in general. The problems could even be in your relationships but they will lead to good things nonetheless.

What to do: Keep a positive outlook on life. Somethings that seem negative from afar will turn out to be positive and work for your good. You will need to be patient and just take one day at a time. A positive outlook will make you see opportunities where others see problems.

Seeing bears fighting along the road

To see bears fighting along the road is a sign that there are some problems in your life that will interact together to bring out something positive. The fact that these bears are fighting on the road means that something not just good, but also crucial to your journey in life will come out of it. Roads in dreams stand for your advancement in life.

What to do: Again, just maintain a positive opinion about everything. Remain hopeful. It does not help to be negative whatever happens, a positive outlook is always the best. You can motivate yourself by looking at people that have tough times and still came out on top.

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Seeing bears fighting before chasing or attacking you

To see bears fighting before chasing you is a sign that there are some people that you will try to help but they will end up being unappreciative and will actually attack you. These could be people that are close to you, people you will help through school, or in their job, etc. However, not only will they not appreciate, but they will also attack you outright.

What to do: You will do good without expecting anything in return. In fact, some will actually not just not repay you for your kindness, but they will end up attacking you despite your help. There is nothing you can do to make them act  better. The only solution is to kick them out of your life.

Stopping bears from fighting

To see yourself stopping fighting bears in a dream means that out of your good heart, you will help your very enemies. You may not even know that they are after you and are trying to get you. You may do good for them, but they will still not see it and will continue their attacks on you.

What to do: Make sure you take the time to know those around you and what they are truly after. You may find that you are actually feeding your own devil. You should make sure you get negative people ouy of your life.

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