Snake in Stomach Dream Meaning

To see a snake in your stomach is a sign that you have the traits of a snake in you that need awakening. Snakes symbolize tenacity, self-reliance, and wisdom. The fact that you are seeing the creature in your stomach in your dream means that you do have these traits and they need to be awakened if you are to go to your next level in life.

But the dream could also have many other meanings. Here is all the symbolism of seeing a snake in your stomach in a dream.

You may be entering a season of renewal

Snakes in the dream can be interpreted to mean renewal or rebirth. You will enter a phase in your life that will force you to change drastically, adopt a new outlook on life, and develop new habits.

But this does not have to be a new life entirely. You may simply lose some pillar people in your life, lose a relationship, lose a job, or get into a new one. Whatever the case might be, you will experience a serious shift in your life.

What to do: Be ready for some change in your life. Even if it appears negative, take it, it is necessary for you to move to your next level. Be accepting of new people in your life, and be ready to lose some. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and be ready to jump on one if it shows itself.

Bad things disguised as good

To see a snake in your stomach could also mean that there are things in your life that are seemingly beneficial but will end up working to your disadvantage. The stomach is for food, which is our sustenance in life. Seeing a snake in there is a sign that there is something bad in your life that appears good.

What to do: Take a look at your life and try to spot any hidden landmines waiting to explode. Try to see if there are any problems you could be overlooking that may grow to become unmanageable. It could be a drug habit, falsehood such as cheating on your partner, or falsehood at your place of work or business.

Meaning of dream about a snake coming out of the stomach 

To see a snake coming out of your stomach means that you will soon be able to get rid of some hidden enmity in your life. It could also mean that there is a problem whose source you will soon figure out and deal with.

The dream could also mean that you have enemies pretending to be friends and ruining your life in the background while pretending to care about you. You will spot them and get them out of your life.

What to do: Do not tolerate any negative people in your life, especially those pretending to be friends. They can inflict more damage than your sworn enemies.

Dream about pulling a snake out of your belly

A dream about pulling a snake out of your belly symbolizes a problem that can only be solved by yourself. Others may encourage you but ultimately, it will be you alone to walk the path. The snake could be big, long, small, any color such as red, blue, green, yellow, gray, or black, but the meaning will be somewhat the same with slight variations.

One thing to note is that this is something that is hidden as a good thing but is actually bad for you. That is why you yourself will have to pull it out of your belly because you may have grown accustomed to it. It could be a bad habit, bad friends, etc. It will be your call in the end.

What to do: You will need to take charge of your life and do the needful. Things may get uncomfortable but what has to be done, has to be done.