Transparent or Colorless Snake in Dream Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Seeing a transparent snake in the dream is a good sign. This snake dream means you will see your enemies plainly and their schemes will not work against you. Yes, it is bad because you actually do have some serious enemies, but then it’s okay because you will see them for who they are. Here are some common dreams in which you see a transparent snake and what they mean.

Dream about being attacked by a transparent snake meaning

It also depends on what the snake was doing in the dream. If it was attacking you, it means your enemies will launch an attack that will set you back but you will find out who they are. However, their attack will be launched before you know them.

What to do: Watch the people around you. One or more of them is a snake at heart and they will attempt to destroy you. Although you will see them for who they are, you have to make sure their attacks are not launched against you by kicking them out of your life the moment you spot them.

Dream about seeing a transparent snake in the house meaning

If you see a transparent snake in your house, it means someone in your family is working against you. They may not be scheming against you actively, but the dream means they are genereally bad. They could be jealous of you and emitting negative energy which may affect you.

A person does not have to do anything against you. Just their mere jealousy can affect you. We live in an energetic reality and

What to do: Be very careful with your family. Anyone who shows signs of jealousy should be a red flag. There is nothing you can do to change them, but you can keep them out of your life. Do not share good news with them unless it is really necessary.

Meaning of seeing a dead transparent snake in the dream 

If you see a dead transparent snake in the dream, it means there is an enemy that you know very well that will soon leave your life one way or another. The person may not know that you are aware of their wickedness against you. They may think they have their tracks covered but you will see them clearly for who they are and they will leave your life.

What to do: You do not have to do anything. Seeing a dead transparent snake in the dream means the person will leave your life without your intervention. Be of a positive frame of mind and everything will be fine.

Meaning of playing with a transparent snake in the dream

If you see a transparent snake in the dream and you are not afraid, perhaps you were even playing with it, it means there is a close friend who is secretly an enemy to you. However, besides knowing that they are your enemy, their schemes will not work against you hence the dream of you playing with the snake without fear.

What to do: It is up to you. You can kick the person out of your life or not because ultimately, they will not harm you. However, having negative energy around you is not a very good idea. If you have nothing to lose, kick them out.


A dream about a transparent snake is very rare. Having such a dream is clearly a message. However, as you have seen, it is nothing to worry about. Yes, this dream is bad since it shows that there is an enemy in your life, but it is good because you will know the evil actor and will be able to thwart their attacks.