Dream About Bees in My Hair Meaning, Symbolism, Interpretation

To dream about bees in your hair is a sign of disturbing thoughts. You are mired in confusion and you do not know where to start as far as resolving these mental stresses is concerned. The bees could be in a swarm or they could as few as 2,3 or even 1. The more the bees in your hair, the more confusing your thoughts are.

Here are some other meanings of seeing bees in your hair.

You are failing to see what’s important and what’s not

Seeing bees in your hair in the dream may mean that you are failing to see what’s important in your life and what’s not. Everything is just a confusing swarm of bees in your head. You have mixed up your priorities and are not sure what you start with.

Such an interpretation is not a good one, as it is a sign of confusion in your life.

What to do: Take some time off. You need to surrender and retreat for a whole for you to recalibrate your self, your perception, and your handling of the many issues around your life.

You give yourself too much to do

Seeing bees in your hair might mean that you are a person who gives yourself too much to do. You pay attention to too many things that may have little to no bearing on your life. There are some things you need to let go of. Your willingness to put responsibilities on yourself will drag you down and cripple your ability to do the things that matter.

What to do: You will need to allow people to help you. Do not assume responsibility for things that you do not have to. It might seem like a good thing, and it is, but you will it can never be fruitful.

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You have a great mind and someone is jealous of it

We live in an energetic reality, and mere thoughts may have farther reaching effects than surface appearances might suggest. Someone being jealous of you might seem like nothing unless they take some kind of malicious action, but even just that negative thought in their mind might impact you.

Seeing bees in your hair is a sign that your intelligence, your thinking, your ideas, etc, makes someone around you jealous. This could be a friend, a relative, or a colleague.

What to do: Take time to check who might be acting out of jealousy around you. It can be very hard to intense thoughts of jealousy. You might simply see someone become hostile towards you for no reason. Once you spot someone, kick them out of your life. Jealosy has destoryed many targets throughout history.

You will soon have a great idea that will, however, lead you into chaos

A dream about bees in your hair might mean that you will have a great idea that will turn out to be terrible once you implement it. This might be a business idea, or it might be something to do with your relationships – perhaps you are thinking of finding a nee partner, or getting back to another.

This will be something you will give a lot of thought and will under upon for weeks. It will look like a great idea, and people might even encourage you to go ahead. But, once you do go ahead, you will see it for the bad idea it is.

What to do: Be careful with whatever far-reaching endeavors you might be thinking of embarking on in the coming weeks. You might save yourself a lot of heartache just by taking your time before leaping.

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Bees biting your head in the hair in the dream meaning

A dream about bees biting you in the head has the same meaning as those listed above. It could mean that you have certain thoughts that, once implemented, will come back to haunt you. You might be aware that such thoughts are negative but are too tempted to avoid them.

It could be that you are thinking about being unfaithful in your relationship, at your job, or even in your school. The bottom line is that you are thinking about something you know is wrong, something that will be more harmful than beneficial.

What to do: You will need to act more honestly and avoid malicious deeds.

Bees flying around your head in the dream

Seeing bees flying around your head is also a warning that something you are thinking of doing will turn out to be a terrible decision. It means that you are in a confused state and do not know how to get out of your situation. But you are likely to take a dishonest way out that may hurt you in the end.

What to do: Dishonesty in such a situation might get you out off a frying pan and into the fire.

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