Dream About Crawling Through Small Spaces Meaning

A dream about crawling through tight spaces does not have a good meaning. It can mean that you are feeling squeezed and trapped and your subconscious mind is trying to process this situation through your dream. There are many meanings, and it is up to you to look at your current situation to determine what the dream might mean for you.

Here are all the meanings of a dream in which you see yourself crawling through tight spaces.

You are not expressing yourself

Seeing yourself crawling in tight spaces in your dream is a sign that you are not expressing your self. This is not restricted to speaking but can extend to even the way you are living. For some reason, you are not speaking your mind, living the way you would like as far as choices are concerned.

Your choice of music, your dressing, the places you visit, your interests, are not yours truly and are influenced by those around you. But this cannot go on for long and will end up crippling your life.

What to do: Of course you do not have to simply speak your mind no matter what your thoughts might be. Also, you do not have to just do what you want in the name of freely expressing yourself. However, you can do what you really want as long as it is not so far out there.

You are not living to your full potential

Seeing yourself walking in a tight space in the dream can be a sign that you are not living to your fullest potential. There are some things that you can do but are not. If you did these, your life would change for the better.

It could be that you have certain talents in you that you are not letting out, and endeavors you are supposed to embark on but are not. Maybe you have felt a strong need to take up businesses, to get into a particular field of study, or get into a new relationship.

What to do: Take some time to ask yourself what you really would like to do and get going. It could be a business or something a relationship you have been thinking of going into.

You are going through a time of transition

Seeing yourself crawling through a tight space in the dream means that you are going through a time of transition. But times of transition can be very hard and can leave you feeling trapped and confused. However, pushing through this time will usher you into great times.

What to do: Just do all that you have to do at the moment and push through this period. You will have to take one day at a time until all this is done.

You are going through serious turmoil

Times of turmoil in life come a dime a dozen. You cannot dodge them and they can leave you feeling suffocated. A dream about crawling through a tight tunnel can simply be an indication of chaos and turmoil in your life. It can be current or soon to come.

What to do: Take your time and carry each day one at a time. As you let your mind relax, you will have a clearer understanding of what’s going on in your life. What is important is to never let these happenings around you to get into your inner person.

Dream about being stuck in a tight space

A dream about being stuck in a tight space is worse than a dream about crawling in a small tight tunnel or space. It can cause panic and anxiety and its effect can remain days after the dream.

As for the meaning, it implies an impeding hard time that will be a period of stagnation in your life. It will leave you feeling lost and barely able to cope. This could be something in your marriage, your career, your education, or in some other very important department of your life.

What to do: These times come and go and what matters is how you deal with them. You will need to take a break and allow your mental waters to settle for you to see things clearly. Worrying and anxiety will only make things worse and won’t solve a thing.

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