Dream of Flying Over Water Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

To dream about flying over water means that you will overcome great barriers and manage to unlock your potential. The dream means that you will be someone many people will look up to. You could be a successful entertainer, an artist, a painter, a singer, an actor, or simply someone important in your field. Water in the dream stands for crowds of people.

Here are the dreams in which you see yourself flying over water and what they mean.

Dream of flying over water meaning

The meaning of seeing yourself flying over water in the dream depends on how much water was there. Flying over a lake, a sea, or ocean means that you will soon find yourself before multitudes of people. Water stands for crowds of people and seeing yourself flying over it means you will be a leader, an entertainer, a sportsperson, etc., and will be looked up to by crowds of people.

Dream of flying over the ocean

A dream of flying over the ocean also means crowds of people. You will be a leader, a musician, an actor or anyone that many people will know and admire. Seeing the ocean means that you will be known across the world for some reason.

What to do: Cultivate your skills, follow your heart and passion. You do not have to be a leader, and entertainer, a sportsperson, or any of that. However, you will still be popular in some way. Maybe you will come up with an idea that will go viral, maybe you will say something on social media that the world will love.

Dream of flying over a lake

To see yourself flying over a lake also means multitudes of people will look up to you. You will be an entertainer, a leader, or may simply hold a position at work that will put you in charge of many people.

However, if you were afraid during the encounter, it means that the attention that may come your way could be negative. It could mean that you will do something horrible that will attract the attention of others

Dream of flying over a dam

To see yourself flying over a dam implies that you have unexpressed emotions that need to be worked on before your life can advance. Emotions are powerful things and having them bottled up within can have devasting effects in the long run. They can be like an invisible tether that limits your growth.

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Dream of flying over a river

To see yourself flying over a river implies that your life is about to enter a time of change that you have never experienced. The flowing river stands for a flowing, growing life which is a positive thing. However, it is only positive if you have positive feelings during and after the dream.

If you were scared while flying over the river, then the meaning is negative and the symbolism is that your life will enter a time of negativity. The negativity can come from your friends, family, work colleagues, classmates, etc.

Dream of flying then falling into the water

If you see yourself fall into a river while flying over it in the dream, it means that you have severe emotional issues that are keeping you from soaring as high as you can. The river stands for the emotions and the action of flying stands for your advancement in life.

You do not have to know what emotions they are. They could be things you do not even feel consciously. Often times, there are events from our childhood that affect our lives even though we cannot remember them.

What to do: Seeing this dream means that although you have a tough time overcoming your emotions, you do have the ability and you just need a little more work to get through them all. Take some time to relax and break from everything. Have some quiet time for yourself to let your heart and soul clear.

Seeing a bird flying then falling into water in the dream

To see a bird in flying then fall in the water in the dream means the same things as seeing yourself flying then falling in the dream. However, this time, you have a problem facing your emotions so instead of seeing yourself, you have a bird to stand in your place.

The dream means you have emotional issues that are crippling your advancement in life. You will have to sort through them or else you will not go as high as you can.

What to do: Take some time to sort through some of your most hidden emotions. Forgive all those that need to be forgiven, ad pardon yourself for whatever you may have done to yourself.

Seeing yourself flying then falling into water might mean you have people around you that are bringing you down

Sometimes, seeing yourself flying then falling into water in the dream might mean that you have people around you that are hindering your advancement in life. It means you have people discouraging your plans or outright fighting you. Water in the dream may symbolize crowds of people.

The dream might also mean that you give people too much power over your life and this is hampering your life.

What to do: Do not pay too much attention to what people say. Some just do not know what they are talking about, some speak from their own fears, and others speak out of jealousy.

Seeing yourself flying out of water in the dream

To see yourself flying out of water is a sign that you have emotions that have up to now been hindering your life. However, you will be able to overcome them. The dream comes when you are about to let go of something that may have happened to you, something that may have been done to you by wicked friends.

As earlier stated, seeing water in the dream can mean emotions. It can also mean crowds of people. Seeing yourself flying out of water, therefore, means freeing yourself from the leash that people may have bound you with through different emotions.

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