Meaning of Dream About Someone Trying to Steal Your Money

To see someone trying to steal or take your money in your dream implies means that there are people attempting to attack you. This attack may result in you losing your income, your job, or your business.

The attack does not have to be directly linked to your income. It could be that someone is about to launch an attack on you that may then cause you to lose your income. Perhaps you will be left depressed and unable to work or generate the money you need.

Seeing someone trying to take your money in the dream could mean your health is under attack since health is wealth.

To see a man, woman, boy, child, or even a dog or cat trying to take your money in the dream could mean that your health is under attack. It could be because of something you yourself are doing, such as bad habits like drug or alcohol abuse.
Health is wealth as it impacts on our money-making ability. Seeing someone trying to take your money could be a sign that your health is at risk and therefore your money is at stake too.

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It could mean that you are worried about your finances

A dream in which you see someone trying to steal your money could mean that you have too much anxiety about your financial situation. It could also be an omen that means you will soo have some financial turbulence which may end with you losing your money.

The dream can manifest if you are at risk of being fired or your business is about to collapse. However, worrying about your financial situation does not help and may make things worse for you since we attract what we think about most.

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The dream might mean you have bad friends who might be jealous of you

The dream could be about someone who is jealous of you. This is often someone close to you, someone who pretends to mean well for you but is actually trying to bring you down. It does not necessarily mean they want what you have and are trying to take your money. It could mean that they just hate you because of what you have.

The dream is also not just limited to money. Seeing someone trying to take your money could mean that someone is jealous of your relationship, your skill, and talent, your family, or your happiness in general.

Again, it does not mean they want to steal what you have, such as your partners, etc., it could be simply that they want you to lose it. This is all out of jealousy and has nothing to do with anything you may have done.

It might mean someone is trying to steal your ideas, or using your intelligence to make money

Seeing someone attempt to take or steal your cash in the dream might mean that there is someone who is, or may in the future try to steal your ideas to make money. This might manifest in a number of ways. For example, you could merely mention a rough idea you may have not knowing that someone has taken it up and thinking of implementing it.

It does not have to be a secret. Seeing someone take your money in the dream could also mean you are giving away your ideas willingly. For example, you could be an employee who brings up so many great ideas that push the company forward but are never recognized for them.

Ideas are money. You might want to be careful just who you give them away to, or you will end up giving away an idea that was meant to change your life.

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