Dream About Dead Mother Having a Baby Meaning

A dream in which you see your dead mother having a baby means that you have some feelings of inadequacies deep within you hence your subconscious mind shows you your mother having another baby to somehow make up for things you are not. It is all about your mind, though, and it does not really mean you are inadequate. Here are some dreams in which you see your dead mother having a baby and what they might mean.

Dream about your dead mother having a baby boy

To see your dead mother have a baby boy means that you lack masculine energy in your life. It might be there, say for example in your brothers, your husband, your friends, etc, but your mind needs more male energy and male companionship in your life. That is why you see you dead mother having a male child to provide that male energy in your life.

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Dream about your dead mother having a baby girl

The same goes with a dream in which you see your dead mother having a baby girl. It means you lack feminine energy in your life and so your mind shows you a dream about your mother having a baby girl to make up for this missing female energy in your life. You may even have lots of female friends but it is possible that there is a lack of connection.

The dream might also mean you are lonely

A dream about your dead mother giving birth to a baby girl could simply mean you are lonely. When we are young, our first company comes from our siblings. Children born alone in a family can oftentimes feel lonely. But you do not have to be an only child for you to have this dream. The dream simply means you are lonely and wish to have more connections with other people around you.

Dream about your dead mother having twins

To see your dead mother have twins in the dream means that you need balance in your life. Your life is lopsided and has to have some harmony between your relationship, your friendships, your career, your education, your spirituality, etc. 2 is the number of balance and since mother are seen as our nurturers, it is not strange that you are seeing your dead maternal force giving birth to two babies to symbolize balance.

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Dream about a dead mother having triplets

To see your dead mother have triplets is a sign that you are entering a time of completion. Three is the number of completion and brevity. The triangle, which is the most stable shape, has three sides, we live in the third dimension, and we have three facets of time: past, present, and future. 3 is, therefore, a number that symbolizes completion.

To see your deceased mother give birth to 3 babies or triplets, therefore, means that there will be a time coming that you will see completion and fulfillment in your career, your relationships, your education, or business. This, of course, will not just happen and you need.

Dream about your dead mother being pregnant

To see your dead mother being pregnant in a dream means that there are some things in you you can achieve but are not because you are not living to your fullest potential. Since mothers are our nurturers and source of life, you see yours being pregnant to symbolize the things that you carry but are not manifesting for one reason or another.

A dream about your dead mother being pregnant could also mean that you are about to receive something from someone close to you in your life. It does not have to be money or anything material. It could be something like great advice, an idea, etc., that will change your life in a serious way.

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