Dream That You’re Adopted or an Orphan Meaning

A dream about being an adopted child means that you have some deeply embedded feelings of neglect. You may not even realize it on the surface but deep down, you do feel it and it is having a negative effect on you.

The dream does not mean that you have a bad relationship with your mother or father. It just means for one reason or another, you felt some neglect in your childhood that you may not even remember.

Here are some dreams about being adopted and what they might mean

Dream that your brother or sister is adopted

A dream about your brother or sister having been adopted means that they are going through some emotional issues that have left them feeling lost. Since you are the one having this dream, it means that you have a role to play to make sure that this issue, whatever it might be, is solved.

The issue could be in their relationship, their schoolwork, their job, their career, their health, etc. But whatever it is, it is leaving them feeling lost and ungrounded.

Dream that you are an orphan meaning 

To have a dream in which you see yourself as an orphan is a sign that you are feeling lost in life. The dream means that you do not feel connected to mother earth or mother nature and so you are seeing yourself as an orphan. This happens when you have very serious issues that are leaving you feeling lost and ungrounded.

A dream about being an orphan could also be a sign that you some feelings of being neglected by your parents, or those that are supposed to care for you.

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Dream that your parents left you meaning

To dream that your parents left you means that there will soon come a time when you will have a serious issue with something important in your life, a source of your sustenance and your livelihood. The fact that your source of livelihood could be at stake is why you are seeing your parents leave you in the dream. Your source of livelihood is being seen as your parents in the dream.

But the dream could also come if you simply feel neglected by your parents in some way. You can also have a dream about your parents leaving you if you have some king of disagreement with the.

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