Biblical Dream Interpretation of Drinking Water

The Biblical meaning of drinking water in the dream is a restoration of things lost, getting new empowerment for something great, and healing of wounds of the past. The dream also means you will get a renewal in one department of life and new breath will be blown in it.

The living water

In the Bible, John John 4:7 speaks of the Samaritan woman at the well from whom Jesus asked a drink. After she denied him a drop, he told her about the water he gives, water that can quench thirst once and for all.

If you are a Christian, drinking water in the dream might be a sign of taking this water of life. It simply means that your life will get refreshment.

God’s sustenance

A drink of water in the dream could be God’s way of telling you that He is with you and will sustain you. There are a few places in the Bible in which God shows his hand by providing water to his people.

  • Numbers 20:11: When the children of Israel were in the desert and faced the threat of death from thirst, Moses performed a miracle where he struck a rock and water came out. The children of Israel had water to drink and were preserved.
  • Genesis 21:8-21: When Ishmael and Hagar faced death from thirst, God sent his angel and he miraculously showed Hagar a well. She and her son drunk and were preserved.
  • John John 4:7: Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that he had water that would take away the thirst of whoever drinks it for good.

The Holy Spirit

Drinking water in the dream could Biblically be taken to mean the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. The first time the Holy Spirit is mentioned is in Genesis when it was hovering over ‘the waters’ as creation was about to begin.

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The Bible in Luke 5:4 says He who remains in me will be like a tree planted by a stream. It will be evergreen and will have fruit in its season. Seeing yourself drinking water in the dream could Biblically mean fruitfulness.

It could mean God is showing you that you are planted in the stream of his sustenance, and everything you touch will prosper. In other words, he is with you an despite what your eyes see, you will be alright.

Drinking water in the dream Biblically means you have to be patient

Just as John 5:4 says a tree planted by the stream will be evergreen and be fruitful in its season, drinking water in the dream might Biblically be telling you to be patient and keep doing what is right. In your season, you will get your reward.

Some times, even when we do everything right, things just do not seem to work out. Even with all the selflessness, our help for those around us, our dedication to God, it might seem that those that do not care about God are getting ahead of us.

However, there is a season for everything and this dream might just be telling you that your season is coming as long as you remain planted by the living water.

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