Biblical Dream Meaning of a Faceless Person

The Biblical meaning of a dream about a faceless person is that of an encounter with an angel sent by God. In Exodus 33:20, God said to Moses, ‘You cannot see my face, for no man can see my face and live. The dream in which you see a faceless man could, therefore, be a visitation from God or his angel.

However, the full meaning of the dream depends on how you felt during and after the dream.

Dream about a faceless person chasing you

A dream in which you see a faceless person chasing you could biblically mean there is a demon pursuing you trying to appear like a human using its powers of illusion.

Since demons and satan can appear as angels of light, it is no surprise that they can appear as humans, sometimes as people, we know and hold dear to us.

If you are a Christian, a dream in which you see a faceless person chasing you should be followed by prayers. There is no need to worry because for God to show you this, it means He wants you to pray about it and cancel whatever the dream means.

Dream about a faceless person giving you something

A dream in which you see a faceless person giving you something could biblically mean God is blessing you with something you need or providing your needs. Referring to Exodus 33:20, God cannot show his face to humans without the death of said human. The faceless person could, therefore, be a representation of God.

God is not human, and he is formless even though he is described with body parts such as fingers, hands, arms, face, eyes, ears, etc. When he appears to you in a dream, the only form you can relate with is a human form.

But since no face can be ascribed to God, he appears as a faceless human. That is just a representation of God and it could as well be an angel, although angels do show their faces usually.

Dream about a faceless person helping you Biblical meaning

A dream about a faceless person helping you is also just a sign of God’s divine intervention. It could be a reference to the Biblical text in Exodus 33:20 in which God indicates that humans are not supposed to see His face.

A dream about a faceless person helping you could also mean that God is about to come to your aid and he is ready to use anyone. Biblically, this could be God’s way of saying, “Do not depend on any one person, I can use anyone I please to rescue you.”

The fact that God can use anyone is the reason no face is ascribed to the person helping you in the dream.

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Dreaming of marrying a faceless man

A dream in which you see yourself marrying a faceless man means that you are going to be blessed with marriage, but that the person is yet to be revealed to you. It means your marriage is sure and it’s just that at the time of the dream, it is not appropriate for you to see who this man might be.

Biblically, God reveals only what he determines that we need to know. If he does not reveal it, he knows that it is not necessary and might actually be harmful.

Dream about marrying a faceless man if you are married already

To see yourself marrying a faceless man in a dream if you are already married means that there are some things you wish your husband could do to make you happier in your marriage.

This does not mean he is not a great husband. However, no person can ever be 100 percent perfect so there are always some things you may wish your partner could do.

The faceless man you see represents the things you wish your husband could do. It does not necessarily mean you are thinking of cheating with someone you think is better. It could simply be a genuine concern and so a faceless man appears in your dream as an embodiment of your desires.

Faceless child dream

A dream about a faceless child means that you have a strong willingness and heart to help children. It deeply touches you to see children suffering, being mistreated, sick, etc. The dream might mean in your lifetime, you have to do something to help children.

The dream could also mean that you have a child coming. You might soon be blessed with a baby and while that is soon to be a fact, the face of the child is yet to be revealed.

Blurred faces in dreams

Blurred faces in the dream mean that you have a hard time seeing people for who they are in your life. It could be that you are a naive person who thinks everyone is as good or benevolent as you are.

However, the reality is a lot more negative and this dream could be a way of God telling you to see people for who they really are.

What does it mean when you dream about someone but can’t see them

A dream about someone you cannot see means that you either do not see them for who they are, or that they do not show their true self. It could be that you see the person as a bad human being, lazy, malicious, or any other negative trait when you just do not understand them.

The dream could also mean the person is a pretender and your subconscious mind has picked up on this and is showing it to your conscious mind in your dream.

Faceless person nightmare

To see have a nightmare about a faceless person attacking you, chasing you, or being malicious towards you in any way, means that there are enemies in your life that you do not know.

It could also mean that there are people in your life pretending to be your friends and yet are your enemies.

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Faceless woman meaning

A dream about a faceless woman means that your life needs more feminine energy, the input of a woman, etc. It does not mean that there are no women in your life. You could be surrounded by many women but the dream just means you need their attention in your life.

Perhaps you do not allow them to have a part in your life, or they themselves just do not offer themselves to help you when you need them.

We need both male and female energy in our lives and this dream means just that. The females you need do not have to be your partners. They could be your sisters, cousins, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc.

The fact is you need to accommodate more female input in your life: female advice, female perspectives, etc. This could also just mean you have to allow your wife, if you have one, to be a vital part of your life.

What does it mean when you dream about a dark figure?

A dream about a dark figure comes when there is a person in your life that is destructive to your destiny. It does not mean the person is bad per se, but simply means they are not good for you.

This person could someone you would like to be in a friendship or relationship with, or someone you would like to go into business with. Interaction with this person will have a significantly negative impact on your life.

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