Biblical Meaning of Donkeys in Dreams and Symbolism

A dream about a donkey has a sea of Biblical meanings and Christian symbolism. In a nutshell, a donkey dream might mean God is about to help you and relieve you of your burdens, or that God is about to use you for a specific purpose as his servant.

Since donkeys are stubborn animals, the dream could also mean that you are stubborn in one area of your life and God wants you to soften your heart.

Here are some explanations of donkey dreams and the Biblical symbolism of the animal.

Donkey symbolism in dreams

Donkeys in a dream can mean you are too burdened with the issues of life. These could be problems in your job, relationships, school, and other departments of your life.

DOnkeys are called beats of burden and your subconscious mind might use them to express the stress you might be going through.

What is the symbolic meaning of a donkey?

Symbolically, donkeys mean stubbornness of the heart. That is a negative meaning but they also stand for hard work and silent service for others, which is positive symbolism. They also symbolize persistence, humility (a lack of pride) since they are considered lowly animals.

Biblically, donkeys can symbolize a servant of Christ just like Jesus went into Jerusalem during the triumphant entry, riding on the back of a donkey.

It, therefore, is also a symbol of how God, in all his majesty, can use even the most despised person. That’s because as opposed to coming in glorious chariots drawn by horses, Jesus chose to use a donkey.

Donkey in the bible story

There are two Donky stories in the Bible that stand out. These include the story of Balaam and his donkey and the donkey that Jesus rode on during the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Donkey Bible story 1 – Balaam and the donkey

In Numbers 22:21-39, Balaam was on his way to curse the children of Israel. He had been hired by Balak in exchange for money. However, while on his way, God sent his angel to stand in his way with a sword in his hand.

The Donkey turned into a field to pass between two walls. That path was blocked too by the angel, causing the donkey to press against the wall and in the process crushing Balaam’s foot.

The angel moved to block the donkey at another narrow path, and this time there was nowhere to turn, so the donkey just lay down. When Balaam saw this, he hit the donkey three times.

At that moment, God gave the donkey the ability to speak and it asked Balaam why he hit it three times. As Balaam talked to the donkey, God opened his eyes and he saw the angel standing in front of him.

The angel told Balaam if the donkey had not stopped, he would have killed him with his sword and spared the donkey. The angel then told Balaam to proceed but only say what he would tell him and not curse the Israelites.

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Donkey story 2: The donkey and Jesus’ Triumphal entry

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a borrowed donkey that had never been ridden before.

What was interesting is how the disciples got the donkey. Jesus instructed them to go to a place where they would find a donkey. He told them to just take it and if anyone asked them, they were to say the master wanted it.

As they entered, the people laid down cloaks and palm leaves on the ground along his path. This was Palm Sunday, just a day before he would be crucified. This was to fulfill the scripture in Zechariah 9:9.

Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Donkey bible study

Studying donkeys in the Bibles, Christians could learn humility. It was a donkey that harkened to the voice of the disciples as they took it to Jesus before the triumphant entry.

Donkeys can also inspire us to carry our cross to the end. They are beasts of burden that will carry their load without grumbling until the work is done.

White donkeys in the bible

There is at least one place in which a white donkey was mentioned. This is in Judges 5:10.

“You who ride on white donkeys, You who sit on rich carpets, And you who travel on the road – sing! Judges, 5:10 (NAU)

This means they were present in the times of the old testament and were not just recently bred. They are not as common as brown donkeys but they sure do exist.

Famous donkeys of the bible

Donkeys have been mentioned a number of times in the Bible but only two can be said to be truly famous or popular. These are:

  • Balaam’s donkey: This is the only animal that talked apart from the serpent in the Garden of Eden. However, the speech of the snake was different since it was used by Satan and that was before the fall of man.
  • The Donkey that took Jesus into Jerusalem: The donkey had never been ridden before. It is also miraculous how the disciples got the animal. Jesus simply told them to take the donkey they would find and tell whoever would ask that the King needed it.

Significance of the donkey on Palm Sunday

The only is significant on Palm Sunday since it was the one that actually walked on the palms that people laid on the ground. Jesus never stepped on the palms as he was on the back of the animal.

The donkey on Palm Sunday shows how we need to humble ourselves in our labor for God. It shows that we are necessary tools in the work of God. The King did not come flying on chariots drawn by flying angels but he chose to use a donkey.

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The symbolism of riding a donkey in the dream

The symbolism of riding a donkey in the dream has to do with patience and persistence. Donkeys are not as fast as horses and can be seen as a slow form of transport. However, they slowly but surely do get wherever they are supposed to go.

Patiently, they carry their load, taking one step at a time. This is symbolic of hard work, resilience, patience, and humility.

Riding a donkey also means you will go far but you will need to ride on the back of hard work. You will need to work hard and this is what will take you to your destiny just like you saw yourself riding a donkey, a hard-working animal.

Dream about donkey attacking

A dream about a donkey attacking you in the dream means that there are some things you know you have to do but for some reason, you have not been willing to. This mentality, which really is laziness, will bring ruin to your life.

In the subconscious, donkey stand for hard work. Seeing one attack you symbolically means there is an undertaking you know you have to embark on but mainly due to laziness, you are unwilling to do it.

A donkey also symbolizes stubbornness. Therefore, it might mean that there is something you know you should not do but are too stubborn to let it go. If you persist, you will end up ruining your life hence the dream about a donkey attacking you.

Is a donkey in a dream good or bad?

Whether a donkey dream is good or bad depends on what exactly you saw and how you felt. Negatively, donkeys can symbolize a persistent stubborn enemy or persistent stubborn problem.

Positively, donkey symbolizes the spirit of never giving up and hard work. This, of course, is a good sign.  You could also take it to mean a time of relocation is coming in which you will be relieved of your burdens.

Donkey chasing you in a dream

Seeing a donkey chasing you in a dream has several meanings. Firstly, it means you moved away from your destiny. Donkeys might symbolize destiny. As you know destiny is something you walk towards slowly but surely over the course of your whole life. It is a slow journey much like riding a donkey.

Seeing this animal chasing you, there, might mean that you have drifted from your path and need to go back. It is not just about your whole life. You may have drifted in just one area of your life.

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