Biblical Meaning of Flies in a Dream

Flies in the dream may seem like a bad Biblical omen but that is not always the case. Dreams are symbols are not so straight forward. Seeing these rather nasty insects in the dream might be distressing if you take dreams seriously. That’s because they are associated with death and decay.

Read on to see what house flies in the dream might mean Biblically.

You are neglecting something important

Biblically, flies in the dream might mean you are neglecting something important. Flies show up where there is uncleanliness, untreated dirty wounds, and filth that is not properly disposed of. In the dream, this implies that there is a gift that God gave you that you are neglecting and that you might be about to lose.

It could be that God blessed you with a relationship, a job, a place in school, friendship, a pet, or even your health. But for one reason or another, you are not fully appreciative of these gifts and are letting them slip out of your hands.

You are holding on to something you should let go

All things rise and fall and Ecclesiastes say there is a time for everything. A dream about flies could mean you are holding on to something that God has determined you should let go. It is dead and the chapter should be closed.

Perhaps you are forcing a relationship that has clearly come to an end. Maybe you are grieving the loss of a job or business. It is time to let go and let God.

What to do: Look at your life. Is there something you are holding on to that you feel should be let go of? Let it go and allow God to bring new things in life.

Untreated emotional trauma

Untreated emotional trauma can sometimes manifest as flies in the dream. This can be from as far back as your childhood days, especially if you have recurring dreams about flies.

From here, what you could do is try to work through your emotions and see where the problem could be.

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You just lost, or are about to lose something in your life

The demise of something in your life could also manifest as flies in the dream, especially if it is something important to you. It could be that you have just lost a job you have been working at for many years, or that a project you have invested in for so long has just fallen apart.

Whatever it is, the loss is something you will feel and will mourn deep within you. However, as with everything in life, you simply have to move on.

You have misplaced attention

In the Bible, we see Ecclesiastes 10:1 talk about flies in the ointment. An ointment is precious and has a good fragrance and having flies in it is a clear misplacement.

Therefore, Biblically, flies in the dream could mean that you are paying attention to something useless, your attention is misplaced and being wasted.

The prophetic meaning of flies

Prophetically, flies could mean a death is looming. It does not necessarily have to be the death of a person but it could be something of value to you. This can be a relationship, a business, a project you have been working on, etc.

The dream usually means it is time to let go of something and look for something new. It means the end has come, and whatever it is you have lost is dead and gone. It already has flies swarming on it and cannot be restored.

You should also know that sometimes we lose things only to make toom for better.

What does it mean when a fly is always around you

It is often nothing to worry about. It does not mean there is bad luck following you. In most cases, it simply means there is something on you attracting it. It could be the color of your clothes, or that you have something on you smelling attractive to it. Perhaps you have a little spec of food stuck on you that is attracting the fly.

Worrying about the fly, thinking it perhaps is a curse or a result of witchcraft can make negative things manifest just because you are giving such things mental energy.

But, if you feel you cannot ignore the fly as something natural and you think it is evil, you should simply take time to pray.

Ecclesiastes 10:1 meaning

The verse reads: Dead flies give perfume a bad smell. And a little foolishness can make a lot of wisdom useless.

This means you can build something great over many years only for it to be ruined by one minor act of folly or stupidity. This especially applies to reputations which can take years to build and only a few words to break.

Do dead flies smell

Of course, you will not sense any smell from one or two dead flies. That’s because flies have very light bodies that quickly dry up, making it hard for any bacteria to act on them and cause them to stink.

However, if flies were to die in water or any liquid, they would decompose and smell. This is seen in Ecclesiastes 10:1 where the writer speaks of flies dying in an ointment or perfume, causing it to smell.

Dead flies spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of dead flies has to do with the end of a chaotic and confusing situation. Flies are symbols of confusion and seeing them dead spiritually means peace, calm, and serenity are soon to come.

Seeing dead flies can also mean a matter you have been dealing with will soon be thoroughly resolved.

What do flies represent spiritually?

Spiritually, flies represent decay, destruction, disease, and death. They, however, do not mean the death of a human being but simply imply the end of something in one’s life. It could be a relationship, a job, a business, etc.

Flies can also spiritually mean chaos and confusion. Flies seem to be chaotic and directionless and this trait manifests in the spiritual meaning.

The prophetic meaning of flies

The prophetic meaning of flies is death and disease. It is not a good sign and prayer should follow. Flies do not necessarily prophetically mean a person will die. They mean there will be something in your life that will go bad and come to an end.

The prophetic meaning of flies can also be poverty. Flies often follow times and areas of poverty. If you look at videos and pictures of poor areas of the world, you will often see dirt, garbage, death, and along with all those, flies.

A swarm of flies omen

The omen of a swarm of flies is that of impending stagnation in one area of your life. Stagnation is akin to death. When water stops moving and is trapped in a pond or pool, it becomes repulsive and contaminated.

When blood stops flowing in the body of any creature, it implies death and soon flies follow. Seeing a swarm of flies, therefore, is an omen of stagnation, no movement, no growth, no development in your life. This could be in your relationship, your career, your education, your business, etc.

Dead flies in the bible

In the Bible, dead flies are mentioned in the book of Ecclesiastes. Specifically, this is Ecclesiastes Chapter 10 Verse 1 (Ecc 10:1):

Dead flies give perfume a bad smell.
    And a little foolishness can make a lot of wisdom useless.

It simply means a little of something bad can destroy a good thing in your life. You can see the explanation here.

Meaning of flies in the house dream

A dream about seeing flies in the house means there is looming chaos and confusion that will be hard to sort out. This will affect your family as your house in the dream implies your family and sense of rest.

The dream means there might be some problems in your finances, your health, your relationship, your job, or education, and these issues will leave your life in chaos.

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