Dream of Seeing Someone Run Over Meaning and Symbolizm

A dream in which you see someone run over means you under pressure or you will soon be under pressure that you cannot handle. That is if you do not know the person you saw being run over. However, the meaning is different if the person is your mother, daughter, sister, father, brother, son, uncle, grandfather, friend, grandmother, aunt niece, uncle, or colleague.

Here are some meanings of seeing someone run over if you do not know the person.

You will suddenly come under unexpected pressure

Seeing someone hit by a car in the dream, if you do not know the person, means that you will come under pressure out of the blue. Just like neither the driver of the car nor the victim of the hit knows it will happen, this pressure will take you by surprise and will be detrimental.

This pressure might be in just one department of your life but it will flow into other areas and might actually cripple your life. For example, the problem could be in your relationship but this may affect your work, education, etc.

You will do something risky that will backfire unexpectedly

To see a dream in which someone is killed by a hit and run car crash means that you yourself will do something that will backfire. You will think you have it figured out but after some time, it will be apparent that you made a mistake but it will be too late by then.

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You are too concerned about the well-being of others at your own expense

To see a person being hit by a car in the dream could be a sign that you are too concerned about the well-being of other people in your life. It is great to be a giver and to care about others but this should not be at your own expense and the expense of those you love. If you know the person you saw being run over in the dream, the dream has a different meaning.

Seeing your child being run over

Seeing your son or daughter run over by a car in the dream means that the child is affected by neglect in one or more areas of his or her life.

It does not mean you are a bad parent to your child. You might be doing everything you can but the dream just means there is one area in which you are somehow slack.

Seeing your father or mother being run over by a car

Seeing your father or mother run over by a car, train or bus means he is going through feelings of failure in taking care of you and the entire family. He feels he should be or should have been there for you more, or that he should have done or should be doing more when it comes to taking care of his family.

Seeing your father or mother run over by a car means they are going through intense emotional distress that might lead to other problems. It is one you to get close to them and do whatever you can to ease their trouble.

Seeing your brother or sister being run over in a dream

Seeing your sister or brother run over in the dream means they have a serious failure coming their way. This failure has to do with something significant in their life. It could be a failure in their relationship, their education, their business, or their job.

Since you are the one seeing this dream, it means you have a role to play to make sure they either avoid the problem altogether or at least help them get through it.

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