Dream About Car Accident or Uncontrolled Car Meaning

To see an uncontrolled car in the dream, or a car going out of control, means that there is an event coming ahead of you that will leave your life with no direction. The same applies to seeing a car crash in the dream.

Cars in dreams stand for your advancement in life and seeing one that is out of control, or seeing a car accident, means that your advancement will be delayed because of a bad event.

It matters if you were driving or someone else was behind the wheel as the meanings can be different.

Seeing a car you are driving lose control or crash in the dream

If you are the one that was driving, the dream means that the coming problem will be your own doing. You will lose your life’s direction by your own hand.

If the car was driven by someone else, the dream means an enemy of yours will launch an attack that will leave your life on the cold floor. The person could be a fake friend who is secretly an enemy or even a bad family member.

If you were not a passenger in the uncontrollable car, the dream means that someone’s life will fall into chaos and yours will be affected and thrown into chaos as well. The person at the center of all this could be a friend or a relative.

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Seeing a bicycle or motorcycle crash or go out of control

To see a bicycle or motorcycle go out of control or crash means that there is something you will attempt to move your life forward that will go wrong and halt your life altogether for some time.

Bicycles and motorbikes in the dream stand for our attempts at making our lives better with the little we have. It means we do not have the means to advance our lives but because of our determination, we make do with whatever is on the table.

Seeing a motorbike or bicycle crash is a sign that you should be careful in your attempts to move forward with your life. You are eager to move out of your doldrums of a situation but if you are not careful, you will lose even the little that you might have.

Seeing a burning car in the dream

To see a burning car in the dream means that the current path you are taking in order to move forward in life will be shattered and you should find a new way. This could be in your school or at work or even your business.

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