Seeing Zombies in a Dream Meaning

A zombie dream does not have a good meaning and is only good in that it is a wake-up call. The dream means that you are living your life on autopilot and need to take control of your life. You’re being controlled by things external to you like a mindless zombie. The dream meaning does depend on many details and can be nuanced.

Here are all the meanings of a dream about a zombie

A call to take control of your life

Seeing a zombie in your dream means that you are out of control and may not even know it. Something has taken over a department of your life. It could be that you are now controlled by money, doing everything you can to make it.

The dream could also mean that you are allowing other people to use to their advantage and at your expense. You might be doing this to please them or out of your own goodwill, but they are taking advantage of it.

A dream about a zombie could also mean addiction

Now, addiction does not just mean drugs. People can be addicted to many things such as video games, gambling, and even people. Some addictions are easy to spot. Things like gambling and alcohol are well-understood to be addictive. But some are hard to spot and it is these that you should try to identify and control.

You can also be addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to a point where they affect your life negatively.

A Zombie dream could also mean that you are too hungry for attention and are doing everything you can to attract the eyes and ears of those around you. This narcissistic behavior has taken you over and is controlling your words and actions.

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Dream about a zombie chasing you

To see a zombie chasing you implies that there are enemies in your life that you have not harmed in any way. These people, like zombies, have been hijacked and cannot control themselves. They might be attacking you out of jealousy and envy, or might be trying to bring you down for personal gain.
Since such people have surrendered their control to these masters, the only solution is to get them out of your life.

Dream about becoming a zombie

A dream about becoming a zombie means that you are losing control of your life. There is a situation coming that might leave you feeling helpless and out of control. This could be in your relationship, your job, at school, or in your business.

The key is to just know that these problems come and go and you should not let anyone problem affect every department of your life.

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