Dead Father Crying Dream Meaning

To see your dead father crying in the dream means that there is a problem coming ahead that might require a father figure in order for you to solve it. You do not have to have someone to stand as your father figure, it might simply mean you need to look at things the way a good father would. The dream also has other possible meanings.

You are in need of a father’s guidance

Seeing your dead father crying in the dream symbolizes your need for a father’s guidance. Even if you are an adult, there are some situations that need the voice of a parent but, sadly, yours is gone.

The act of crying is just your subconscious mind acknowledging that there is a veil between your father figure and yourself.

You are doing something that goes against your father’s personality

Seeing your deceased father crying in the dream could also mean that you are doing something that your father might not have approved of.

It does not mean that your father is crying wherever he might be in the afterlife. It simply means your subconscious mind knows your father’s teaching, and it knows that you are going against them so it shows you your dead father crying in the dream.

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You are distressed and in need of patriarchal comfort

There is some comfort that only a father can give but since yours is gone, you see this as your dead father crying. Going through hard times can leave you clueless as to what next to do. It is in these times confidants become few.

Fathers, however, make great confidants and advisors, usually. Since yours is gone, your subconscious mind is mourning his absence but it appears as if he is the one mourning.

You had issues with your father that you wish you had resolved

Seeing your passed-on father crying in the dream might mean that there were some issues between the two of you that you did not resolve.

But now when you think about it, you can see that your father would have loved to see them resolved just like you would have. But since he is gone, your subconscious mind shows you an image of him crying.

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