How to Know If You Are Under a Black Magic Spell

Last time, it was a flat tire and today, it is your wiper that’s not working. Things just seem to go wrong for no reason. You can’t sleep, you feel tired, people are hostile towards you, and you generally feel lost. These could be signs of a black magic spell or curse.

We live in a world in which there are villains and victims, prey and predator. Unfortunately, some take their villainy to otherworldly extremes, making it hard for their victims to know there is an attack in the first place. Black magic attacks are real and there are people that are skilled in the art enough to disrupt your life, or even end it in some cases.

Here, I will discuss how you can tell if you are under a black magic spell or attack. It is important to note that you need to experience at least several of these signs for you to conclude there is a spell of dark magic or voodoo underway.

How do spells work?

Before we get to the signs, let’s look at how spells of black magic or voodoo work. In a nutshell, dark spells are simply energy programmed to produce a negative effect in the target.

We are energetic beings and this energy plays a significant role in our well-being, how we feel, how others act toward us, and whether we are happy or not.

Signs you are under a dark spell

An adept spellcaster can send a spell your way with mere thoughts if their mental will is strong enough. Others, more commonly, will need objects such as your picture, your hair, your fingernails, your clothes, or anything of yours to establish a link to you.

Once the spell is cast and the energy, which can be in the form of a demon, djinn, archon, or some other dark spirit is sent, it will attempt to breach your aura to do the intended damage.

11 Signs you are under a black magic attack

If you are a powerful spell that is working against you, you may experience a number of the following:

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1. You experience freak accidents frequently

When someone sends a spell your way, you will have negative energy around your aura and one way in which this will manifest in the 3D realm is through freak accident after freak accident. These are often minor but they are signs of major trouble coming.

2. You find yourself arguing with those around you

A common side effect of a powerful black magic spell is that you will start arguing with friends, family, wife, girlfriend, or husband seemingly out of nowhere. Although this will be caused by the spell, it also puts you in a state of mind that makes it even easier for the spell to do more damage.

3. Strangers act hostile towards you for no reason

You will notice that strangers will by default be hostile towards you, attempt to steal from you or take advantage of you and just be plain nasty to you. All this is designed to leave you feeling low and more susceptible to the voodoo attack.

4. You feel lost and ungrounded

Feeling ungrounded could be a sign of a dark magic spell or curse
Feeling ungrounded could be a sign of a dark magic spell or curse

A black magic victim will more often than not feel ungrounded and directionless. You will all of a sudden or gradually find yourself with no feet on the ground. Everything will seem chaotic and you will lose the spark for life. You will find yourself not looking forward to anything. Even the things that used to excite you will appear bland and uninspiring.

5. You feel fatigued

A common physical manifestation of a spell underway is fatigue. You will fell unexplained exhaustion that starts as early as the moment you wake up. The reason for your exhaustion is that your aura is under attack and the lost energy is resulting in diminished vitality.

The problem is that when you are fatigued, you lose interest in doing things that are important such as cleaning up, eating, work, etc. This results in feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction, and depression ensues. When depressed, you make it even easier for the spell to work.

6. You get insomnia

Black magic spells make it hard for you to sleep. The main reason is that your inner-self will be at war and this restlessness manifests as a lack of sleep. Even the few times you will be able to sleep will be disturbed by nightmares.

Again, insomnia will only make your aura even weaker, making it easier for the spirits or energy sent against you to do the intended damage.

7. You experience recurring nightmares

Dreams tell us things we cannot sense in our waking state. They allow us to experience the astral realm, which is where some spells work from. Having nightmares means with your conscious self tuned out, all there is your astral self and this gives you the ability to see, smell, hear, and feel exactly what is happening to you spiritually.

Reccuring nightmares are a sign of black magic attacks
Recurring nightmares are a sign of black magic attacks

A recurring nightmare means that there one type of negative energy or entity that is persistently plaguing your astral self.

8. Things start going wrong for no reason

A dark magic spell comes along with bad luck. You may notice small things go wrong that should normally be just fine. Car troubles here and there, gadgets getting damaged left and right, you get misunderstood and fights break, etc. This is all caused by the negative energy that surrounds you.

9. You have illnesses that cannot be diagnosed

This is the most common sign that you are under a black magic curse. Spells often leave their targets with unexplained diseases. You will feel that something is wrong with your body but conventional medicine just can not diagnose it. Your doctor may take all sorts of tests that all come out fine.

In my case, all tests showed that I was above average and yet I was feeling excruciating joint pain, and I was having nightmares.

10. You lose appetite or start eating too much

What gives us appetite? What makes us feel hungry? It is all in the brain. Your brain regulates your appetite and if it goes haywire, it will tell you that you do not need to eat when your body desperately needs feeding. On the other hand, it may tell you you need to load up on food even when there is no need.

With a spell working against you, hormones go out of order and send all sorts of commands. This will result in under or overeating.

11. You lose track of your finances

Someone under a case might start experiencing the classic ‘where did my money go’ phenomenon. Well, for many people, it is not that your money is magically disappearing but that the demon, djinn, or archon sent against you is making you spend money mindlessly on things you do not need, things you will not even register as having bought.

You might be walking past a burger and out of nowhere feel you need to buy it. See a useless T-shirt? You buy. See a pointless wrist band? Buy it. You have all your cosmetics but for some reason now want to try a different more expensive lotion. At the end of the week, you check and realize that your money just disappeared and have no clue how.

12. Things start going missing

When under a black magic spell, things around your home might start going missing. I remember an experience when I would lose things in a simple dresser drawer, empty the thing in a patient search, only for the missing item to turn up days later in the same drawer.

It is all in an attempt to keep you confused and stressed, which makes it that much easier for the spell to break you.

13. Forgetfulness

Have you noticed yourself having trouble remembering simple things? Maybe things like addresses, names, numeric figures, etc.? Are you suddenly misplacing things like keys, phones, socks more often than you deem normal? This could be a sign of a spell sent against you. Dark magic often leaves its victims with a foggy memory.

How to prevent black magic spells

Sometimes, the spell will bounce right back if you have a very strong, vibrant aura. However, if you are already in a low state of vibration such as when you are depressed the dark energy or spirit will find it easy to latch on to your auric field and execute the programming of the spell caster.

Stay positive: To prevent black magic spells, it is important to keep yourself positive and avoid negative emotions. Keep yourself busy and engaged to prevent extended thoughts of depression. You can do this by surrounding yourself with happy people or by doing things you love.

Avoid destructive habit: Abuse of alcohol and drugs can weaken your aura and make you susceptible to these attacks. If you feel a spell is underway, avoid alcohol altogether.

Always be in the moment: One way to get you is when your mind is wandering either in the past, drowning in regret, or in the future, swamped with worry. Stay in the moment and practice mindfulness.

Safeguard your belongings: Make sure you do not carelessly leave your fingernail clippings, hair, clothes, pictures, and other belonging. A spell is more potent when cast against you using your belongings. This is called sympathetic magic.

Safeguard your nail clipping, hair, clothes and pictures to prevent black magic curses

Watch people that attempt to pick fights with you: Sometimes, a spell caster will decide to harm you then find a way to get in the necessary emotional state by getting you to anger them. Be careful when people attempt to pick fights with you for no reason.

Bathe in sea salt: Sea salt is good for banishing dark entities. Once every week, sprinkle some in your bathing water. This will disturb any spells that might have started working against you in the past few days.

Practice spiritual warfare: I do not promote any single religious practice and I know that most of the methods found in different religions will work. If you are Catholic, pray the rosary and burn incense. If you are evangelical, engage in prayers of spiritual warfare. If you are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, or Muslim, do whatever it is that your religion teaches.