Biblical Meaning of Stones in Dreams

Biblically, stones in dreams can be interpreted as a soon to come stumbling block or hardship. The Bible often speaks of stumbling blocks and seeing a dream about a stone might signify that you will soon encounter a hardship. There are other Biblical meanings of stones in the Bible as seen below.

You have been called to minister to God

To see stones in the dream might Biblically mean you have been called to work for God in some way. This is because stones were used to build altars for sacrifice and seeing them in the dream means you have been called to work for God.

This does not necessarily mean you have to be a pastor. You can serve God through singing, ushering, writing, or even by making videos for the internet. You can also serve God just by being helpful and kind to those around you.

Biblical meaning of rocks in dreams

The Biblical meaning of rocks in dreams is that you will soon experience being grounded and will feel like your feet are planted firmly. The Bible speaks of building your house on the rock and not in the sand. It also speaks about Jesus being the rock of our salvation.

The dream might Biblically mean there is some trouble coming that God will see you through as your rock and your foundation.

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Black stone dream meaning

To see a black stone in the dream Bilically means that there is something your enemies are attempting to do against you that will act as a stumbling block.

This is out of jealousy for something you are doing. The stone might Biblically mean your enemies will do something that will bring chaos in your relationship, school, or job.

These fake people that will attempt or are attempting to strike you might be your friends, family, or colleagues.

White stones dream Biblical meaning

To see a white stone in the dream Biblically means that something will come up that you will defeat easily. There is a problem in your life that you think is extremely complicated but seeing white stones in the dream means that the solution is a simple one.

The reason white stones might mean a simple solution to a complex problem is that in the Bible, David used simple stone to defeat a heavily armed and armored Goliath. The problem could be in your relationship, your job, school, or business.

You will have an extraordinary encounter

In the Bible, Jacob used a stone as a pillow just before he had the dream about a ladder to heaven, with the angel going up and down. Stones there might mean that you will soon have an extraordinary encounter. This could be spiritual or ordinary, but it will be something special nonetheless.

There is a time of rest coming

In the Bible, there are several times the Bible speaks of someone using a stone as a pillow. Even Jacob, before he had the dream about a ladder to heaven, he slept and used a stone as a pillow. Therefore, seeing stones in the dream might Bilically mean that there will be a time of rest from something that has been troubling you.

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