Talking Dog Dream Meaning

A dream about a talking dog means something extraordinary is about to happen in your life. Dogs do not talk in real life, and having a dream about one talking is an unforgettable event. Just as this dream is special, it is a prophecy to mean something special is coming. But that is not all. Here are some more meanings about seeing a talking dog in the dream.

You have to listen to those you trust in your life

Dogs in the dream stand for friendship and loyalty. Seeing one talk in the dream means that you should listen to those around you more. Well, people can be tricky and listening to them might be detrimental but it is still important to listen to those you can trust.

Something extraordinary will soon happen in your life

To see a talking dog in the dream might mean something extraordinary will happen in your life. This could be in your business, job, school, or relationship. Talking dogs are not a normal occurrence and such a case would be extraordinary. Therefore, having this dream implies something extraordinary and unexpected will happen in your life.

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Talking puppy in your dream

To see a talking puppy in the dream means that you are lacking close friendships in your life. It means you have simply run out people you can trust as most have turned out to be treacherous.

It is a sign that you have to put yourself out there and find new people that you can actually trust. This can be hard, but it is possible and must be done as humans are social beings that need friendship.

Talking dog trying to attack or bite you in the dream

To see a talking dog trying to attack you in the dream means that there are some people who act like your friends and might seem to give you advice. However, this is all to derail, mislead, and basically harm you in some way.

These pretentious people might be friends, family, or colleagues. Having seen this dream, you have to be careful who you listen to as there could be some fake friends attempting to mislead you out of jealousy.

Dream about talking black dog

A dream in which you see a talking black dog means that you have wicked people around you who come in the name of friendship just as dogs are man’s best friends. However, the color black means that there is a dark, hidden agenda in their minds. They will harm you with their words by way of slander and gossip.

If you see a talking black dog in the dream, you should rid yourself of all those people you have seen trying to bring you down with their words. These might be friends, family, colleagues, or classmates and it might be hard to get them out of your life. However, you should reduce your interaction with them as much as possible.

Singing dog or puppy in the dream

To see a singing dog or puppy in the dream means that you will come across some people who will bring joy in your life. Singing is a sign of joy. Think back on all the times you sing in the shower. You will realize that you were often happy during those times.

Since this is a singing dog, it means that the joy you will find will come from a friend as dogs are man’s best friend.

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