Bridge Dream Biblical Meaning

A dream in which you see a bridge Biblically means that God is about to move you to a new level. This often has to do with a hard situation that has left your life stagnant, something holding you back. The dream means God is about to make a way. Although there is no bridge verse in the Bible, we can use the parting of the red sea as a close example.

With the Egyptians and their Pharaoh fast approaching, the Israelites and the leader Moses were trapped between the army and the red sea. However, God parted the Red Sea and they passed, walking on dry land.

No, there was no bridge, but this event can be seen to mean God made a bridge by parting the Red Sea.

Bridge Biblical symbolism

The Biblical symbolism of a bridge in a dream is that of a way where there seems to be no way. This is taken from Exodus where God made a way for the Israelites across the Red Sea as Pharaoh chased behind.

Having this dream means whatever situation you might be grappling with, whether in your relationship, your business, your job, or your education, will be dealt with in a way you could never expect. What you have to do in such a time is to keep praying and maintain a positive mindset through your troubles.

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Biblical meaning of a broken bridge

Biblically, a dream in which you see a broken bridge means that God wants to make a way for you amid a very troubling situation. However, the broken bridge you saw in the dream implies that there is something that you yourself are doing that is hindering the hand of God in all this.

God works with principles and if you do not live by them, you will not experience his promises. Seeing this dream means that God has heard your cries and is willing to make a way as he did for the children of Israel but your actions are hindering this.

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Biblical meaning of crossing a river in a dream

To see yourself crossing a river in the dream Biblically means that you will have to make a lot of effort in order to move to the next level.

Crossing a river is not a pleasant thing since you have to jump into the water and swim across to the other side. Therefore, to develop to the level you want, you might have to put in an uncomfortable level of effort. It simply means you will sow in pain and reap in joy.

Biblical meaning of falling off a bridge

To see yourself falling off a bridge in the dream means that God needs you to exercise patience before you can cross over into your next height in life. The dream is simply telling you ‘if you rush, you crash.’ You need to have your steps ordered by God.

The dream does not mean you should not move forward. It simply means you need to wait before you can proceed. This could be in your relationship, your business, your job, or education. It could be that God wants to equip you so that once you get your chance, you will not blow it.

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