Dream of Your Car Being Damaged

A dream in which you see your car being damaged means you have an opportunity to move forward in life but you will face serious problems. It means your journey towards your goals and dreams will be disrupted by different problems.

Here are some dreams in which you see your car damaged and what they might means.

Dream about your car completely damaged

A dream in which you see your car completely damaged means that you will face a serious disruption in one department of your life. For example, this might foreshadow the end of a relationship or the end of a business or job.

Essentially, you will soon experience the end of something important in your life and the opportunity to start anew.

Whether seeing your car completely damaged is a good or bad dream depends on your perspective. It can be seen as positive if you consider that it will give you an opportunity to start afresh.

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Dream about your car breaking down on the highway

A dream in which you see your car break down on the highway means you will find your self in a season of great improvement before facing a problem that will make it hard for you to advance in your life. This will simply be a short interruption that you can overcome and continue moving forward.

Dream about your car refusing to start while being chased

A dream in which you see your car refuse to start while people are chasing you means you are putting your faith in the wrong things.

The dream means you will take up a challenge that you think you can easily handle but you will then realize that you are ill-equipped and ill-prepared for it

Dream about your car being damaged by someone

A dream in which you see your car damaged by someone else means you have fake friends that, out of jealousy, will try to stop your advancement in life. This might be through sabotage, gossip, slander, etc.

Cars in dreams stand for your ability to go forward towards your visions and goals. The fact that someone destroyed your car in your dream means that someone will cause you to lose direction for a while. You, therefore, have to watch all those around you and spot the fake ones.

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