Fire and Water Dream Meaning and Symbolism

A dream of fire and water means you will find yourself in problems that may lead you to great things if you handle them well. Fire and water are two opposite forces. In your dream, they stand for a problem that will turn into an opportunity.

Here are some other dream meanings of water and fire

You will soon be in a tough dilemma

A dream about fire and water may also mean that you will find yourself in a tough situation that will require you to choose between two equally bad choices.

It will be a case of choosing the lesser evil. However, you will need to be careful because what seems to be the better option might turn out to be the worse option.

You are overdoing something good

A dream about seeing fire and water might also mean that you are overdoing something good.

As they say, too much of anything is bad and you need to go the opposite way for a while. For example, giving is good but if you give at the expense of yourself and those close to you, then this becomes a problem.

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You need balance in your life

Seeing water and fire in the dream is a call for balance in your life. The different areas of your life are getting different amounts of attention.

In other words, you are neglecting some areas of your life and this is having a negative net effect over your life.

You need to watch your relationship, your career, your education, your friendships, and all areas of your life to make sure you are giving them the appropriate attention.

Fire on water dream meaning

A dream of fire on water means that you are making some wasted efforts that are not yielding any results. Water should put out fire but seeing how this fire in your dream persists despite the water, it implies wasted efforts.

For example, you could be putting your effort into a relationship when the other person is not doing anything to keep it afloat.

You could be putting all your effort in a business without seeing any results, or you could be doing all you can in a job without your efforts being noticed.

Pouring water on a burning person dream meaning

A dream about pouring water on a burning person means that you will soon experience serious criticism from someone close to you. The criticism will be justified but there is a probability of you not taking it well.

Seeing someone pouring water on a burning person means you have a tough time accepting criticism and this has to change if your life is to improve.

Dream about pouring water on yourself as you burn

To see yourself burning and pouring water on yourself means that you need to be prepared for an emergency.

It will come unexpectedly and might have to do with your health, your finances, your education, job, or business.

Seeing yourself on fire and trying to put out the flames by yourself means you will find yourself in a problem that only you can solve.

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