Is it a sin to quit your job?

I was using one of Google’s search tools and it showed that people are actually asking this question. At first, I found it strange that people would ask if it is a sin to quit your job. After giving it much thought, I realized it is indeed a valid question that begs nuanced answers.

Why are you quitting?

As you might be aware, God focuses on the heart and the spirit in which something is done. Whether quitting your job is a sin or not depends on why you are calling it quits. If there is any sinful motivation behind your decision, then quitting will be found sinful in the eyes of God.

Are you quitting out of pride?

There is nothing wrong with having personal dignity. If you find that your job insults your dignity, then leaving would be in order. However, there is a very thin line between dignity and pride. Quitting your job just because you feel you are above the people that are in it is a sign of pride.

It is no act of sin to quit a job to take up a better position. But walking away from a job and into joblessness out of sheer pride clearly goes against God’s standards.

Are you quitting out of hatred?

One of the reasons you might want to quit is if you do not like the people you work with. It is okay to abandon your job if you find it rightly hard to work with your colleagues. But if your departure is purely out of malicious hatred, you might want to check your standing with God.

This is often seen playing out when people resign because of racial, national, or tribal hatred.

Are you quitting out of jealousy?

Jealousy is a very difficult emotion to tame. Feelings of jealousy might be bad, but they probably are sinful unless you dwell on them and worse, act on them. If you are quitting your job because you are jealous of your colleagues and can’t stand appearing worse off or less talented than them, then your resignation might be sinful in the sight of God.

Are you quitting out of unforgiveness?

Forgiving a person that hurts you deeply is incredibly hard to do. However, if someone repents and asks for forgiveness, we should be willing to forgive and release them. If there is anywhere people rub shoulder, there will you find sparks. Conflicts are inevitable wherever you go but it is your response that matters.

One ungodly reaction to conflicts at your job is designing as a response to being offended even if the offender has asked for forgiveness. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus instructed his disciples to ask for forgiveness as they forgave those who hurt them.

Are you quitting out of greed?

If our quitting is driven by greed, especially if your next gig is dubious despite paying well, your departure will be an act of sin in the eyes of God. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins and it leads to much strife and suffering.

Are you quitting out of laziness?

Laziness is neither Godly nor virtuous. The Bible calls it sloth and it is another of the 7 deadly sins. It leads to existential ruin and brings suffering upon the lazy and those under their care. Quitting a job simply because you are too lazy to do the work is an act of sin.

You should treasure the job God has so graciously given you

Do not treat your job with contempt. There are millions of people that would be thankful to God just to have the job you are disrespecting. One way to show your gratitude is not to abandon it for the flimsiest of reasons.