3 Powerful Saturday Affirmations

With these 3 Saturday affirmations, you can turn your weekend into one of the most positive times of your life. Whether it’s money, health, confidence, self-esteem, self-love, love, or work, you can call upon the provision of the universe with these just 3 Saturday affirmations.

3 Saturday affirmations for money

  • My mind is a money sponge.
  • Money is desperate to be with me.
  • Today, the universe is paying me.

3 Saturday affirmations for health

  • My body knows only health.
  • I accept the healing air around me.
  • My food and water provide healing for me.

3 Saturday affirmations for confidence, self-esteem, and self-love

  • I am worth every good thing the universe has for me.
  • I am respected and loved by those that matter to me.
  • I am filled with the confidence of a tiger.

3 Saturday affirmations for love

  • Love fills the air everywhere I go.
  • My heart is nourished with all the love it desires.
  • I will see the love in action today.

3 Saturday affirmations for work

  • I am filled with great ideas every time.
  • All my efforts will reward me.
  • Productivity is my middle name.

3 Saturday affirmations for making the right decisions

  • My steps are guided by the universe.
  • I am a prudent person.
  • I am sharp and intelligent.

Say these affirmations with belief and you will feel your energy surge, and your heart filled some assurance.