Affirmations to Let Go of an Ex

Getting over an ex can seem impossible. Although you will eventually heal, the process might seem torturous. These affirmations can help your heart heal and your mind rest, and eventually, let go of your ex.

3 Affirmations to let go of your ex

  • I break every string linking me to (say the name of your ex).
  • I detach my aura from the aura of (say the name of your ex).
  • I banish (say the name of your ex) from my life.

3 Affirmations to heal your broken heart

  • I declare my soul whole and healed.
  • I gather all my heart’s pieces and into one.
  • I am coming out of this stronger and better.

3 Affirmations to focus your mind off your ex

  • My mind focuses on the great things ahead.
  • I evict (say the name of your ex) from my mind.
  • I will no longer give (say the name of your ex) my emotional and thought energy.

3 Affirmations to open yourself to a new relationship

  • I receive the new love that is coming my way.
  • I am grateful for the new partner the universe has prepared for me before the beginning of time.
  • I am worth loving, trusting, and taking care of.

3 Affirmations to forgive your ex

  • I gain nothing by holding grudges so I choose to release (say the name of your ex).
  • I will no longer give (say the name of my ex) any power over me.
  • I am forgiving (say the name of your ex) to make room for the new love of my life.

All you have to do is say these affirmations with belief and conviction and you will get over your ex, as well as open your heart to new love.